Let’s get you started with some basics!

Munich … if you hear that name, what pops in your mind? Beer, Hofbräuhaus, of course “Oktoberfest”, then you might have seen pictures of the Olympic tent which miraculously withstood the unprecedented onslaught of many hundreds of tons of snow last winter and the 290 m high tower, possibly as well of the around 500 year old cathedral “Unserer lieben Frau” … and maybe you heard about the LARGE park which kind of snuggles right in the middle of the city and is famous for the typical way of life here in Munich … “live and let live”!

It is a busy place and if one is standing at rush-hour times anywhere at the center or at subway or underground-stations and watches the people, one might fear, the heart-attack-rate around here must inevitably be higher that average – but no, it is not. Once people head home and settle down in the evening, the stress and hectic of the day is quickly brushed away while kicking back – like (almost) everywhere in the world. A cool “Weißbier” (beer with yeast) or “Helles” (half a liter regular beer) comes handy and helps calm down the rattled nerves and if there are friends and something traditional to eat – and to top it off the chance to go out and settle down under one of the already quite rare “Kastanien”(Chestnut)-trees … the world around here is back in order.

A few numbers to give you an idea …

Munich is the capital of “The Free State Of Bavaria”, is the third-largest city in Germany, has an elevation of 478 m above sea-level and more that 1.2 million residents (WITHOUT the countless suburbs that is!!)
There is a good subway (connecting Munich with the suburbs) and underground-system (only inside Munich), a street-train system which belongs to the picture of Munich (impossible to imagine it without it), some 3600 cabs, five newspapers .. and the highest numbers of physicians per km/². There is no lack of hotels for each budget , I want to mention in particular as well the low-budget accomodations which are excellent for back-packers! Who is looking for culture – there are countless museums, churches, an opera-house, theaters ect – something for everyone! Who is a night-owl and wants fun and enjoyments – Schwabing is the place to go!

Well, that was a lot of information for the first time! I better give you a break for now and tell you about our traditional foods another time … you may want to fill your stomach before, otherwise you might start drooling!


6 Responses to “Let’s get you started with some basics!”

  1. Hi Karin,

    I took your advice & created a blog but their is nothing on it yet, I am still trying to figure it out!

    Anyway, keep up the information, I am very much interested! The closed I got to Munich was back in 1999 at the airport transferring to another airline.


  2. Karin, I like that post. Maybe it is my German heritage but I can almost see myself being there and not wanting to leave. Your doing a great job in describing Munich. I have always been I guess you can say a little bias towards Germany. When you get to talking about the food, I will probably go nuts!lol!

  3. I love Munich Says:

    Halla … fantastic you created a blog!! This way we can be in touch and I will very much like that! Thanks so much for your encouragement! You already came as close as to the airport?? WOW … pity you didn’t have a chance to leave the airport-area and go downtown at least for a first impression! I will do my best describing Munich (and showing pictures of course!) one attraction at a time … there are SO MANY!! As to your age … let’s just say we are in the same range so don’t feel bad! I have no idea either how I got there … ha-ha, feel great and am as active and adventurous as always! Thanks so much for visiting here again … I’m very much looking foreward to see you again .. and again!

  4. I love Munich Says:

    Chet … thanks so much for your help and encouragement!! Munich and I cordially welcome you any time! As to the foods … I am laughing – I have some ideas how to make you drool …!!

  5. You are buzzing with energy.

    Congrats! The contents too are nice.
    I have never been to that side so I feel that this is an armchair travelogue.

  6. I love Munich Says:

    Yes Jac … eventhough you make me laugh – you are right, I AM a very energetic and active person! I hope you feel cozy in your armchair … and are ready to take the tour!! I’ll be very happy to have you aboard!!

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