Some history …

Today we’ll start our tour … hundreds of years before our time, to be exact – 848 years back! Munich was founded in 1158 by the Welf Duke Henry the Lion, who decided one day to trick the bishop of Freising (a city close by) . He gave order to destroy a bridge across the Isar-river which functioned as well a “customs-office”, established a new one a bit further away at a place called “Munichen” audaciously claiming the entire income from customs now for himself, added swiftly a market-place and a mint-press and voila` – Munich was born!

This gate shown is called “ISARTOR” and the place around accordingly, “ISARTORPLATZ”! It was built a bit later, in 1337, and represented back then the eastern boundary of Munich, protecting the city from attacks and theft.
There are another two gates left from those times, at least so that one can somewhat imagine how they must have looked – but then, I’ll introduce them to you another time. Munich was a tiny place back then …

Right now I think we are ready for some well-deserved lunch! How about a pork with potato-balls? We call that “Schweinshaxn mit Kartoffelknödel”! What goes wonderfully with that dish is warm cabbage-salad with bacon abd caraway … to die for!!! And of course a cool beer … that goes with every dish here in Munich, no question!
Sorry guys … I know it is not necessarily something for everybody .. but – don’t worry, we have as well YUMMY dishes from beef, mutton, chicken, turkey, fish … whatever you feel like having!

Whatever you chose … I wish you “an guadn!” ( ENJOY!)


2 Responses to “Some history …”

  1. That describing was gr8.

    I have to learn a bit …an guadn!

  2. I love Munich Says:

    THANK YOU Jac … you are really wonderful!! Just imagine … at the end I’ll make a Bavarian out of you … ha-ha!!

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