"DEUTSCHES MUSEUM" – fascination guaranteed!

What has 55,000 m2 of exhibition-space, about 17 km of straight and winding paths throughout the buildings, ca. 17,000 objects to look at – everything from salt and coal-mines over aeronautics and navigation, chemistry, physics (and MUCH more!) to a ZEISS-planetarium – and you probably wouldn’t see it all, would you spend there as long as a full month?
It is the “Deutsches Museum” here in Munich, an absolute MUST for every tourist and a lot of fun for people of all age groups – children definitely included!

When Oscar von Miller founded this museum in 1903, he never thought it would turn out one day to be one of the biggest technical-scientific museums in the world! The original idea was groundbreaking … it should be a museum “to touch” – for those times an unheard of novelty: machines should run, wheels turn, physical experiments reproduced and one should be even able to “feel” electricity! The idea was brilliant – today, this technical marvel, which is located on the Isar-island near “Ludwigsbrücke”, became the most popular museum in Germany!

I know this museum since my early childhood and was there at least twenty times, but it never fails to amaze me anew nor did I ever spend a boring minute there. All I am able to give you here are very few ideas of what can bee seen there, just glimpses – but every visitor will certainly anyway chose the subjects according to his or her interests.

A clue of the diversity exhibited on seven floors is for example the original space capsule from an early “Soyus”-flight.

If someone is interested in physics/astronomy … there is a “ Foucault’s pendulum” hanging from the rooftop all the way to the ground floor, demonstrating in front of your eyes the effect of the rotation of the earth!

Have you ever heard of “Faradey’s cage”? The person who sits in there for a LIVE-demonstration is exposed to AC-voltage of 200.000 Volts … and survives it unscathed – he/she climbs out as if nothing whatsoever had happened! The trick is of course that the cage is closed and the flow of electricity goes around … the sticking out of a finger would be a very bad idea though …

How about the bathyscaphe, August Picard together with his son Jaques pioneered in the 1950’s? You can see it on a picture! Close-by the old diving outfits, which let they heart of every SCUBA-diver add an extra beat!

One of the trademarks is the museum’s clock showing not only the time but as well the zodiac and underneath the weekdays named after gods and goddesses!

Pay attention to a very nice construction, in which someone can move all around by walking and changing the center of body-mass accordingly! I wanted very much to try it out but there was a long line of children ahead of me … I had no chance!

Last not least … for people who need a meeting-place before walking to the museum’s entrance – the best place is undoubtedly a ship’s propeller, located right at the main street and impossible to miss!

Before I left the building this afternoon, I couldn’t help but have another careful look at this “Faradey cage” … maybe they will allow me to try it out? I’d like that a lot … !


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