On a personal note …

Exactly four weeks ago to the day I started this blog thanks to the unprecedented support of former strangers … who became dear friends, in particular Chet and Jac! Today, only 28 days later, already almost 2600 people from 35 countries visited my site!
I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to each single one for having taken time to stop by, to read, look at the pictures – and to all who added comments!

If anyone was surprised by this response, it was most certainly I – I NEVER anticipated this tremendous feedback considering the fact, countless GREAT blogs were out there already and feel flattered and at the same time, deeply humbled.

Blogging is a new experience for me and already now I can honestly say, I don’t want to miss it for anything! By having gotten in touch with so many wonderful people from all “corners” of this planet and all areas of life, the world became smaller … it feels more like a gigantic family in which mutual acceptance, tolerance, understanding, compassion and readiness to lend a hand are on top of the list (with here and there an exception of course – like everywhere)! To me that’s how this world SHOULD look … I thoroughly enjoy it this way! It shows it CAN be done … !

I am very much looking foreward to continue to tour my hometown with you and introduce to you not only localities but show you as well different aspects .. I won’t disclose more now!

Thanks so much again – you ALL are wonderful!!


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