For to wrap up this topic, I need to relate to two more main issues, Muslims around here have to deal with – wearing the head-scarf or “hijab” and their general feeling in this society since 9-11-2001.

A few words upfront though ..
The feedback I received on my last post was to more that 99% fantastic and I was very happy with it, one person though (off the blog) accused me of deviating from it’s main theme and on top to be lopsided and failing to be fair by relating to Muslims exclusively.
Even though I have no intention whatsoever to justify my choice of topic, I want to emphasize that I perceive 85,000 people belonging to the same ethnic or religious group reason enough to separately mention them as well as to address the obstacles they do face around here. It does – in my eyes – belong to the countless aspects of Munich and make her what she is: a multicultural metropolis!
I will introduce more ethnic groups in due course of time – let there be no mistake!

Countless women wearing the head-scarf or “hijab” can be seen on daily basis here in Munich .. on the streets, in the subways, street-trains, malls – everywhere without causing anyone to particularly look or even turn around. They do almost belong to the picture of the city.
Nevertheless, the head-scarf is officially banned in German public schools as well as in any other public institution. Oversimplified dogmas such as “Islamophobia”, “secular fundamentalism” or even arguments like “it invites fanatism on a silver plate” were occasionally heard.
I do not intend to go further in depth this very sensitive issue – all I want to add as personal remark is that any kind of insensitivity to foreign cultures and customs are often a symptom of disinformation or a lack of just that! There is certainly plenty of room for thoughts – and improvement …

The second point addresses the general feeling of Muslims here in the city in particular since that dreadful 9/11/2001. A very clear answer came from Mr. Khalifa himself, emphasising it is worse from every aspect till now – and certainly another five years down the road! The specific feeling of not being accepted – but not discriminated or ethnically segregated either was likened to some kind of vacuum with nowhere really to turn to.

Wrapping up this subject, I want to stress again that the more tolerance, acceptance and understanding we show to other cultures and religions, the earlier we will grasp, we sit all in ONE boat and need to learn to navigate it together … if we won’t, we’ll drown. It’s just as simple as that.
The sooner we’ll accept that, the sooner peace will get within reach and wars will become a matter of the past!


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