Three days to go ….

You guessed it – I am talking about the soccer world-championship which will start on Friday, 9.6 2006!
I got curious today and went to the stadium this afternoon for a brief glimpse of what’s going on there … and was in for a surprise!

I had expected to find a sea of colorful flags flying in the wind and signalling “hey, we’re ready” .. but that was not the case. All I saw was a lonely group of the official FIFA-flags reminding everyone, there is something big about to come. Don’t be mistaken though – everything will be ready in time … there is no doubt in my mind!
A blimp was silently drawing it’s circles above the heads of the people …

The entire area doesn’t look yet at all as if a world event was about to take place anytime soon! All I could notice as different to last time I was there, was hightened security which allowed ONLY those people inside the close vincinity of the stadium (NOT the stadium itself even) who do have an accreditation by the press-office.

As I am not a person who is discouraged easily, I went across the street to some very large white tents, which I was told, house the accreditation office together with another one which deals with ticketing.
I tried my best to get a permission to enter this holy gral – only for ONE DAY, even only a few hours – just to be able to get inside for taking a number of pictures to show you – and leave right after that. I started my odyssey by talking to a security-officer .. went on to a clerk, then to the manager who is in charge of all the accreditations – and finally ended up trying to convince the head of the media-office … but to no avail! The latest was very adamant and there was no chance to get him to make an exception.

Ultimately I was lucky though … a journalist waiting to get his papers taken care of, heard my story and offered to send me pictures from INSIDE the stadium on the first day of the games – and so did the manager who was very friendly and cooperative and tried his best to help!

I HOPE they will live up to their word and do what they promised so that I will be able to show you pictures while describing the general atmosphere, which I expect to be GREAT! Sure I will be out there … I won’t miss that for anything!

Well, all thirty-two teams have arrived already, many take the time to get used to our cool climate, performing easy training-sessions and resting, gathering strength for the big event. They are ALL most welcome and we’re very happy and feel privileged to host them!

Let’s pray the games will be fair – and safe … MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN!!


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