Marienplatz – in RED and WHITE!

Actually I had something completely different in mind for this post – I had planned to go after everything Brasilian I would find … big flags, small flags, pictures, hats, shawls, caps, everything green-yellow – a special wish coming from Jano (and maybe others as well?) but it turned out completely different – it says there are always surprises when one expects them least!

I was downtown this early afternoon to run some errands, when I heard already in the underground some commotion .. slogans of Tunesian fans, some folks wrapped in the Tunesian banner jumping around, waving their flag and seemingly very happy and excited. That picture planted a broad smile on my face as I really liked it – it was great to see these folks! I had no idea yet what would expect me up on street-level though a few minutes after that …

I took the escalator up and was greeted by an incredibly commotion and an ocean of red colors, flags, wigs, outfits … and a LARGE crowd of ecstatic Tunisian fans! They were seemingly everywhere, covered more that half of Marienplatz with their number growing and growing all the time! I stood there for a short while and had to laugh … it was SUCH a nice atmosphere! I instantly grabbed my camera and mingled with the people … talked here a bit, chatted there a bit – mostly in English with a few words German or simply a big smile!

Temperatures were very high today (the mercury showed 40 degrees in the sun!) and so I went to sit down at one of the adjacent restaurants to wet my dry throat and while sitting there and chatting with some neighbours, one fan-group after another came walking by, waving flags and chanting songs and slogans! I really had the feeling half Tunesia must have left the country and come to Munich .. it was incredible! The atmosphere was exceedingly friendly, happy, full of excitement and support for their team! A REAL pleasure from every aspect!

I tried very much to find fans from Saudi Arabia as well but sadly enough encountered them only sporadically! I would have LOVED to see them in large numbers as well and missed them! To my astonishment I did meet a group of young Germans though walking around while happily waving the green banner … I perceived that as lovely gesture of friendship and support!

When I was just about to turn back direction subway to go home, I saw all of a sudden five tall Brasilians, proudly wearing their outfits, at the perfume -department of the mall and thinking instantly of having to come up with at least SOMETHING Brasilian (for Jano – on special request), I headed straight for them and kindly asked them to group … what they promptly and willingly did! So, Jano – at least THAT I found for you today!!

I will soon go on picture-hunt again, so – stay curious!


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