What is that … a gone wild Samba-dancing sea of yellow-green which inevitably makes the average European get closer and closer only in order to get instantly infected by the fantastic South-American rhythm?

A flair which reminds of one of those evenings at the Copa Cabana (not that I’ve ever been there …!) when temperatures go down and music and rhythms start filling the air?

BINGO – the only group of people able to provide that to an unforgettable extent are Brazilians, being excellent and very successful representatives of their great country!

The game Brazil versus Australia will take place only tomorrow and already today one can not get rid of the idea, half Rio de Janero has temporarily set up camp here in Munich .. and undoubtedly taken over the city center!

Prior to Marienplatz I went for a short while to “Englischer Garten” and sat under one of the huge some hundred-year old chestnut-trees which not only provide shade when the sun pitilessly burns down, but function as well as umbrella due to their dense foliage which proved very helpful today!

The place is ALWAYS populated by students and natives alike and is an insider-tip for foreigners who want to get an idea about Bavarian way of living and even there, large gatherings of Brazilian fans were unable to overlook! Considering the fact I know this place inside out and literally grew up there (we lived very close-by), I could not but ask myself if I possibly took somewhere a wrong turn … I heard much more Portugese that German, let alone Bavarian which, sadly enough, anyway seems to belong to the dying out dialects.

Reflecting on what I saw today already, I don’t have to speculate a lot about what will happen tomorrow – with fans from both teams waiting outside the stadium before the game, hell will break lose … and I will be right in the middle!


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