The Vikings have arrived!

I’ve been at the stadium three times already using the underground in order to get there … but what I experienced today, was a “FIRST”! I think I have never been THAT much squished and sanwiched between people like today at Marienplatz-underground station!

Already on my way there, still on the train, there was an announcement telling people to better get out way ahead of the center and use different means to proceed to the stadium. The underground-station, the voice mentioned calmly, was packed solid with fans and there was no getting in nor moving around anymore.

Of course I had to see that myself and continued all the way – only to find a hollering crowd of Swedish and German fans standing that close that it would have been imposssible to put even a sheet of paper inbetween!

What I heard there made me laugh wholeheartedly .. there were Swedes right near me on one side who “sang” for the German crowd “Deutschland, Deutschland, alles ist vorbei” (Germany, Germany, it is all over) only to get instantly a joyful suggestion in return from the German fans to please fill right away the tanks of their Volvos in order to be able to start the way home right after the game! It was as hilarious as it was hot, steaming hot but the atmosphere was fantastic!

After some ten minutes of waiting time, a train, already half-full from (pitiful) regular riders, opened the doors only for the crown to push forward, all at once of course and swoop in like a tidal wave with people squished and pushed around but thanks to successful struggle for survival and two well functioning elbows I even made it to a seat, which was an incredible achievement in that situation!

The crowd in there went crazy, jumping so that the whole waggon was shaking and hollering deafening tunes … it was a real madhouse!
Out there at Fröttmaning the crowd oozed out of the waggons and headed for the
stadium – only to continue there as vociferously as before to support their teams!

I left and headed for home around 16:15 … exhaused from the heat, dehydrated … but with a big smile because I had just mingled with a bunch of great folks who knew in a wonderful (though crazy!) way to have fun and – just like so many others – to express support for their teams in a sportive and absolutely fair fashion!


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