While I was sitting here and pondering what to show you this time, I all of a sudden remembered that I was telling you a number of times about all kinds of transportation I took to reach certain places like Stachus, Marienplatz or the Arena, which is located in Fröttmaning .. but all that can’t mean a lot to you as you have no imagination how the transportation-system here in Munich is built. In order to avoid in future this silent “what is she talking about”, I want to explain and present to you today our “U-Bahn” and “S-Bahn”-system!

Let’s start with the “U-Bahn” and give you some data! The system is an electric railway public transportation system operated by “Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft” (MVG = “Munich Transportation Company”)

It started operating on the 19.10.1972, some eight months ahead of the Olympic Games.
The system-length is 86 km or 54 miles and covered by eight lines and 91 stations.

The “S-Bahn” trains in Munich are operated by a subsidiary of “Deutsche Bahn” and is together with the “U-Bahn” the backbone of Munich’s public transportation system!

It commenced operation already on 28.5.1972 with the construction having been sped up as part of the scheme to provide an adequate transportation-system during the Olympic Games and as means of upgrading transportation to and from the suburbs of Munich.

The system was created by connecting the suburban rail services from the west of the city with those of the east by means of a tunnel-section from “Hauptbahnhof” (central station) in the west to “Ostbahnhof” in the east … the so-called “core-route”!

There are ten “S-Bahn” lines, covering a track-length of 442 km or 274,65 miles , and 147 stations! Approximately 750,000 passengers per working day are using the 238 “S-Bahn” electric multiple unit trains … so I guess it is not hard to imagine that sometimes healthy elbows and good stamina are of benefit in order to get to the wanted destination but in general I have to say, the traffic works rather smoothly and, VERY important, PUNCTUALLY!! My trains to the center leave at 09, 19 and 39 after the hour … and you can bet, they are in time – not one minute late!

There is a fairly new regulation which even promises the passenger at least part of the fee in return, should the train be delayed from (I guess) 20 minutes or more … but, except during the snow-disaster last winter, I have never seen this happening!


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