That’s it – the World Soccer Championship is over.

I think I talk in the name of every German soccer fan if I say it was absolutely fantastic, it surpassed each and every expectation, created a feeling of togetherness, openness and a newly found collective partiotism and pride of being German!

The sea of up to 700,000 enthusiastic people day before yesterday at the “fan-mile” and yesterday as well at the stadium in Berlin, the enthusiastic crowd of flag-waving, dancing and singing fans were all simply breathtaking and made the heart of each of us feel proud and add one or more beats!

We loved to host the world and concluding from the countless feebacks in the media, the world loved to be here! Many were astonished about the degree of hospitality and promised to return for vacation and about the Germans themselves, who apparently are NOT as cool and distanced as often thought and who – I can attest – DO KNOW to celebrate!!

A word about the final: Italy is World Champion and want to express my heartfelt congratulation!

Then there was Zizou …

… up to now I can not comprehend what had happened to him … the usually calm center of the team, the always focused one, the rock … the only thing I can offer for explanation is that at the very moment he went head-on against the Italian player, his synapses must have suddenly discharged in the wrong direction and gone haywire!
I have no other way of analysing that situation. From the moment he was gone, the air was out of the French team – his unexpected exit had shocked and demoralized them and the result was almost to be expected!

Eventhough the red card was justified – I feel sorry for him as it all had sunken in certainly only afterwards when he was alone in the “catacombes”! He deserved a better exit, one worthy of a player of his caliber, of an icon of French soccer!
To the team I want to say – 2010/South Africa will come and they as well as Germany (and all the others of course) will have another chance! Let’s look ahead – what’s gone is history!

To wrap it up – I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU ALL for your invaluable support, participation and encouragement during these four eventful, exciting and wonderful weeks … YOU WERE ALL FANTASTIC SPORTS!!!


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