It is time to show you another interesting spot here in Munich, one which is often overlooked – unjustly though as it is a superb place to take a rest after a long hike downtown, to sit and listen to the splashing of the water .. or simply to enjoy or look around while watching the people! I am talking about the “WITTELSBACHER BRUNNEN” or “WITTELSBACH FOUNTAIN” located at LENBACHPLATZ, not far from STACHUS!

At the north-wester edge of downtown Munich Adolf von Hildebrand designed the most beautiful and monumental fountain at 1893 and finished the artwork at 1895.

The occasion though appeared much less spectacular though very important … it was the year in which the city finally succeeded to supply every household with water through a pipe-connection to the springs in the mountain-region (Alps) which is existing till today!

The motive for the fountain is to show the elementary powers of water.
The pool has the shape of half a circle and is flanked by two monumental sculptures representing the antique theme of presenting men and beast.

On the left side there is a young male on a fish-tailed horse emerging out of water, holding a rock in his hand, ready to throw. Hidebrand created with this sculpture an allegory to the destroying power of the water as long as it is untamed.

To the right there is an Amazone sitting on a massive fish-tailed bull emerging from water. In her left hand she offers a bowl of water to the spectator, representing the fertile and healing power of water.

The fountain was heavily damaged during WWII but reconstructed and started to delight people with it’s beauty again in 1952!

To me the fountain resembles a wee-bit “Fontana di Trevi” in Rome … but maybe this is only a wishful thinking! It is most beautiful nevertheless and well worth to be paid attention!


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