There you can find wooden tubs with pickles and “Sauerkraut” standing side by side with exquisite French wines and cheeses, cabbage-heads and mushrooms near Papajas and Maracujas, pork-roast near lobsters, fish-smell near parfumes – did I finally succeed to get you confused? I hope so! Well, take it easy – I am talking about the probably most typical market here in Munich – where Munich is still most traditional .. our good old “VIKTUALIENMARKT”!

It all started some 200 years ago, in 1807, with a “Kräutlmarkt” (herb-market) at the area of a former hospital named after the adjacent church and grew swiftly till, about 100 years ago, it reached the size it has today.

There was a so-called “Schrannenplatz” (place for selling weat) after having taken the one in Paris as example, a “Metzgerzeile” (butcher-shops) which basically does exist till today together with many fruit and vegetable-stands, just the way they are now!

It is a well-meant recommendation for everybody to visit who wants to feel what Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit” REALLY means … he/she should spend some time at the traditional beer-garden right in the middle of VIKTUALIENMARKT, which offers a wonderful possibility to sit, watch the people passing by and enjoy as well a traditional Bavarian meal together with a coold beer or Radler (50/50 beer and lemonade)!

The high chestnut-trees offer shade in summer and the fir-trees, which are sold in winter as Christmas-trees, take care of the most wonderful smell of the season saturating the area almost all winter long!

In essence … it is the very HEART of Munich and has a special kind of atmosphere! While sitting there, I would like to turn the clock back some 100 years … no question I would love the smells and sights!


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