With a subway-ride of roughly 40-50 minutes from the city-center either using S1 or S8 we reach a place I want to introduce to you today – it is our “FRANZ JOSEPH STRAUSS AIRPORT”!

Here are a few dry data just to get an idea about the scale:
It is named after Franz Joseph Strauss (1915-1988), who played an important role in politics and was long-time Bavarian Prime Minister, is located 28 km north-east of Munich and was twice named the best airport of Europe, in 2005 and 2006. Worldwide it is the third behind Singapore Changi Airport and Hong Kong International Airport and besides of that, the second-most important airport in Germany.
It is the hub for “Lufthansa”, the main German Airline and “Star Alliance”, a conglomerate of various airlines. In 2005,
28,62 million passengers were taken care of!

It all started in 1980 when a village, “Franzheim”, had to be demolished and it’s roughly 500 people relocated … and, rest assured, certainly generously compensated!
It began operations in 1992 while replacing the former “International Airport Riem”! I do well remember myself as child sitting with big eyes on the outer balcony of the airport building, watching the planes land and take off … it had such a flair of adventure and of the “big wide world” which had fascinated me since I can think!

The airport is divided in roughly three sections: Terminal ONE, Terminal TWO – and the Common Part with the terminals being much more sparce in shops and eateries than the common area! The latter one even contains it’s own airport-brewery – the “AIRBRÄU”!

Terminal ONE houses most NON-Star alliance airlines (68 airlines!), 60 stands, 19 airbridges and 14 boarding-stations. Halls and areas are numbered A-F with F being closer to Terminal TWO and a secured area exclusively for Israel-bound flights.
It was opened in 1992 and is capable of handling 20 millions passengers a year!

Terminal TWO is where all the Star-Alliance activities with Lufthansa’s handling partners take place. It has two halls, G+H, 75 parking positions, of them 24 with airbridges, four for regional planes and 47 for boarding status.
It was opened in 2003 and is capable of handling 20-25 million passengers. Some 26 airlines use Terminal TWO.

In addition to all that there is as well a large cargo-center.

I should mention that both subways, S 1 and S 8, do reach into the airport-area, in other words, there is a stop INSIDE the airport! In particular on rainy, snowy or stormy days this is valued very highly! Right outside the train there are trollies for the luggage and escalators as well as elevators up to the terminals.
On the second pictures you can see a big green “S” … that’s where it descends to the subways!

The airport, for me it was Riem, was for me as child always some kind of a magic place in which I would watch people from all over the world – I loved that! Back then, it did greatly nourish my very lively fantasy and allow me to imagine myself taking off and flying to distant destinations while passing all kind of adventures, something which had always fascinated me! In those years the world was still “in order” … today though, with brutal wars raging at several places of this planet, the flair of being the gate to a “great big world” lost it’s magic, it’s innocence! It’s sad …


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