Today I want to show you a monument which I personally consider one of the most beautiful, most aesthetic and most touching here in Munich – our “ANGEL OF PEACE” or the way we lovingly call him in German, our “FRIEDENSENGEL”!

I wish I could reach up and tell him to fly to all those war-torn places on this planet, to all those who are suffering the horrid consequences of war, spread his soothing golden wings … and bring them peace! I wish it were that simple … in a world in which greed, superiority-thinking and hatred is still overruling love, compassion and care, in which people are yet too arrogant, selfish and ignorant to solve problems in a different, NON-violent way, his help would be so urgently needed, so highly appreciated!

This beautiful monument is located at the downtown end of Prinzregentenstrasse right near the Isar river as “Point de Vue”, surrounded by a wonderful park which does compliment the serenity of the place and striking beauty of the symbol and one of the best monuments of historism.

It was built in 1896-1899 (by Düll, Heilmeier and Pezold) in the style of classic paragons: the temple itself after the “Korenhalle” (young antique women carrying the roof of the hall) of the Erechtheion (Akropolis in Athens) and the angel after a statue of a goddess of victory which was found in Pompeji.

The monument commemorates the 25 consecutive years of peace after the was from 1870-1871.

The round reliefs at the base of this monument show leading personalities of the former Kaiserreich at the turn of the last century such as the German chancellor Bismarck and the generals Moltke, Roon and von der Tann. The gold mosaics in the hall nearby are allegorical representations of peace and war, victory and blessings of the civilisation.

(The first three pictures I “adopted” from KOSARE … I hope he will agree to that – I had found no way of contacting him. )


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