During the last few weeks I was getting several more or as well less hidden loving nudges and hints from dear blogger-friends asking me to not only introduce my hometown but as well to write about other subjects – and I very gladly oblidge! I have to admit – as much as I enjoy to let you see Munich through my eyes – there are more and more different issues burning on my tongue or as we are in cyber-space, I should better say tickeling in my finger-tips, which I would like to share with you, ask your opinion – or simply set up for discussion.

I was pondering if or if not to open another blog for this purpose but finally decided against … I do not think it is of benefit to scatter but rather to keep it all focussed right here. The title of the blog will need to be changed or rather expanded – so please do not feel confused.

Most certainly I will NOT stop to show you Munich but I decided to limit posts about it to one time a week – something which will give me as well time and ample opportunity to shoot pictures and collect the information I want to pass on to you!

I hope you will like the change … I will do my best to make it one for the better!


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