Like the “KARLSTOR” and “ISARTOR”, it is remnant of the city-wall around Munich under Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria around 1318, belonging to the second ring of fortification around the rapidly expanding, salt-trading town. It allowed the north-south traffic to pass through. The dominating tower in the center was demolished already in 1808 but both hexagonal side towers and some adjacent walls remained and were restored in 1860 and again in 1978-1982.

One single wide arch replaces since 1906 the former three smaller passages.
Walking through the gate along the street you can see, you’d reach Marienplatz after a casual fifteen minute stroll.

Personally I like the gate a lot and sometimes find myself touching the stones … trying to imagine the people who built it, their lives, and families. If they’d see us today … what would they say?


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