I admit I didn’t get much sleep last night. The horrors of Qana from yesterday morning, the pictures of dead little bodies lined up on what was once a street or sidewalk, the unspeakable cruelty, the utter disregard of life – that and a lot more kept me awake and made me stare with wide open eyes into the darkness, trying to come to grip.

I just heard the news … despite the 48-hour cease-fire agreement in order to allow citizens to get away from the south, Israeli airforce has already resumed to carry out strikes!
That agreements are not kept is nothing new … one only has to think about the countless ignored UN resolutions! How is it possible that double standard is suddenly acceptable? If one is told by a court of law to do something and refuses or ignores the order, he’s being punished, right? Isn’t that applicable for ALL parties?

The decision is clear: continuation of fighting for another 10-14 days .. till “the job will be finished”! I ask myself … WHAT job? Destruction of Hizbullah? No chance. Weakening of Hizbullah? Utterly questionable. Disarming? No chance. Destroying Lebanon? Already accomplished. Demoralize the Lebanese people? Never!

What they DID accomplish though in a most formidable manner is to raise the level of hatred toward Israel X-fold … I have severe doubs they are aware of the consequences in the long run! There is NOT ONE Arab country in which people sit still, in which anger and rage is not overboiling … these kind of horrors unite – just this kind of union is not what Israel strives for.

What would interest me is the mindset of that fighter-pilot who dropped this bomb on Qana … knowing perfectly well there are civilians in grave danger from just his action. He MUST have known – there were drones everywhere and every movement was monitored! I am not a military-person, thank heavens – but I could well imagine myself having refused to do so and prefered to go to prison instead … how could I live on with this guilt? To kill innocent? For myself I say – how to kill at all? OR … is there no guilt? No conscience? Is that “for the security of the country”? WHAT security?? Is THAT what should bring peace? To destroy others? To crush a whole country? Terrify people? About Hizbullah we talked already. I don’t know what kind of psychological evaluation is behind all that … PEACE it will NEVER bring, that for sure!

Kofi Annan tried his utmost, the umpth-time already, during an emergency-session of the security council to achieve a consent for an immediate cease-fire … but the outcome was pre-programmed – like the times before. And now not even the 48 agreed-upon hours are respected … how many slaps in the face does somebody need in order to wake up? It is beyond me …

Gideon Levy, a HIGHLY critical Israeli journalist writes in his article :

“Haim Ramon “doesn’t understand” why there is still electricity in Baalbek; Eli Yishai proposes turning south Lebanon into a “sandbox”; Yoav Limor, a Channel 1 military correspondent, proposes an exhibition of Hezbollah corpses and the next day to conduct a parade of prisoners in their underwear, “to strengthen the home front’s morale.” It’s not difficult to guess what we would think about an Arab TV station whose commentators would say something like that, but another few casualties or failures by the IDF, and Limor’s proposal will be implemented. Is there any better sign of how we have lost our senses and our humanity? “

They ALL discredited themself from being called humans … what’s left is only disgust, utter disgust.


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