It was not my intention to post today but the response, in particular one certain remark of a distinguished new reader, compells me to do so. In order to set things straight, I feel I have to state clearly what I stand for, defend, believe – and what not. It was always my impression it was obvious through my comments but I may have been wrong. I think this is an opportunity to correct that.

Above all, I do stand for justice. There is only ONE justice, no interpretations. If I look at something red, it IS red even someone else sees it as blue – it doesn’t change the fact it is and remains red.

I stand for freedom of speech. As long as it won’t cause harm of any kind as consequence I feel everyone should be allowed to state his/her opinion. People need to carefully consider what they say and print and not intentionally hurt others nor incite … one can state opposition or disagreement in decent words, they do NOT have to be offensive and hurting.

… and freedom of religion. I do respect ANY faith – regardless which! It is everyone’s own decision which he will have to justify one day. It CAN not be that anyone is urged or even forced to accept another faith – everbody, in my eyes, is allowed to chose freely what he/she wants to believe and how she/he wants to worship.

… as well as freedom of movement! NOBODY has the right to restrict movement of anyone. This earth was given to ALL of us to roam.

I do NOT bash ANYONE! If there are facts which are obvious and being seen by countless others, I can state them – that is NOT bashing! It is calling a spade a spade, tell the truth, nothing else. If someone makes a mistake and I mention that, I do not bash – it is stating a fact without ANY intention to put that person down or hurt in any way. That applies to everything and everyone, including myself of course.

I am against violence! That does not mean one is not allowed to defend him/herself when attacked or victimized! I saw too much violence in my life .. too close for comfort – I utterly reject it.

I always stand by, help and defend the poor and weak, the ones who don’t have the means or possibility to defend themselves. Either hand-on or psychologically, BOTH are equally important. I did this wherever I lived – there are plenty of witnesses. I just find it the right thing to do, the right conduct – if I’d be in such a situation, I’d appreciate as well if others, often complete strangers, would help me!

I’m a deeply religious person. I cannot imagine my life without faith, without connecting to the one supreme being, nevermind how you call it! It is the essence of my life.

I guess these points represent the core of my way of thinking and my conduct. There may be people who agree and as well those who do not, it doesn’t matter to me – those points were, are and will always be guidelines for me to follow.


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