Born on August 31st, 1960 in Burj Hammud, Beirut/Lebanon, he became Secretary General of the Islamist Party “Hizbullah” after Israel assassinated the former leader Abbal al-Mussawi in 1992.

Sheikh Nasrallah lived in South Beirut together with his wife Fatima Yassin (who comes from the Lebanese village al-Abbasiyah) and their five children: Mohammad Hadi, Mohammad Jawad, Zeinab, Mohammad Ali and Mohammad Mahdi. In September 1997, his eldest son Mohammad Hadi was killed at the age of eighteen by Israeli forces in Jabal al-Rafei in Lebanon.

In 1975, the civil war forced the 15-year old Nasrallah and his family to move to their ancestral home in the South Lebanese village of al-Bazurjyah. Here he joined the “Amal” movement, a political group representing Shiites in Lebanon.

After a period of Islamic study in Iraq he returned to Lebanon, where he studied at the school of Amal’s leader Sheikh Abbas al-Musawi later being selected as Amal’s political delegate in Beqaa, and making him a member of the central political office. After the Israeli invasion 1982, Nasrallah joined Hezbollah to dedicate himself to the resistance of the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley.

Nasrallah is a devoted Muslim and has spent periods of his life studying at religious centres in Iraq. In the mid-1970s he moved to a Shiite Hawza (Islamic Seminary) in the Iraqi city of Najaf study Qura’anic divine sciences, completing the first stage of his studies in 1987 before being forced to leave by the Iraqi authorities. Despite his ongoing commitment to Hezbollah, in 1989 Nasrallah resumed his efforts to become a religious jurisprudent by moving to the sacred Iranian city of Qom to further his studies.

Nasrallah believes that Islam holds the solution to the problems of any society, once saying, “With respect to us, briefly, Islam is not a simple religion including only praises and prayers, rather it is a divine message that was designed for humanity, and it can answer any question man might ask concerning his general and private life.


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