Condoleeza Rice was born on November 14th, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama and is currently the 66th US Secretary of State in the second administration of President Bush.

She grew up in a black middle-class neighbourhood of Titusville as only child of reverend John Wesley Rice Jr. and his wife, the former Angelena Ray.
Reverend Rice was a guidance couselor at Ullman high school and Minister of Westminster Presbyterian Church which had been founded by his father.
Mrs. Rice was a science, music – and oratory teacher at Ullman.
The name “Condoleeza” is derived from the Italian expression “con dolcezza” which means “with sweetness”.

During her childhood she was largely sheltered from the injustice of Birmingham’s discriminatory law and attitudes and received most of her education at home. She was instructed to walk proudly in public and use the facilities at home rather than subject herself to the indignity of colored facilities in town.

She graduated St. Mary Academy in 1970 and received in 1974, at age 19, her BA of Sience and “Phi Beta Kappa” from University Denver, an academic honor society with the mission of “fostering and recognizing excellence” in undergraduate liberal arts and sciences.

In 1975 followed the MS in Political Science at “Notre Dame”.
Following that, she worked – in 1977 – at the State Department during the Carter Administration as intern in the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs.
In 1981 followed the PhD in Political Science at Denver University.

In addition to English, Mrs. Rice speaks fluently Russian and with varying degree of fluency German, French and Spanish.

Rice was a Democrate until 1982 but changed to the Republican camp after growing opposition to President Carter’s foreign policy.

Unmarried, she dated professional football player Rick Upchurch while attending University of Denver.

Before she joined the Bush Administration, she was Professor for Political Science at Stanford University where she served as Dean from 1993 till 1999.
During George H.W. Bush’s administration she served as well as top Soviet and East-European Affairs Advisor during the dissolution of the Soviet Union and reunification of Germany.

In August 2004 and again in August 2005, Forbes magazine named Rice the world’s most powerful woman.

The Republican camp wants Condolezza Rice to be nominated for President of the United States in 2008.


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