… don’t people understand we’re in essence all the same – human beings regardless of religion, culture or race?

… don’t people grasp, money can’t buy happiness nor contentment? ( though enough money may well help to get a good night sleep!)

… is it so difficult to understand we all have essentially the same wishes, desires, fears and needs?

… are there still people who think they are better and worthier than others?

… aren’t more people selfless and caring for one another?

… do certain powerful bodies of few countries not want to understand – after having already done tremendous damage – that polluting the air, oceans, lakes, rivers and soil won’t bring us any wealth nor economic security but only hasten a disaster of apocalyptic scale … faster that we can possibly think of?

… are we so ignorant and destroy species of plants and animals that were not even discovered yet – by destroying the rainforest?

… is it that hard to comprehend that sour rain won’t distinguish between countries nor boarders but hit and destroy all our livelihood?

… don’t people understand that ozone-holes don’t ask anyone if they’re allowed to form but pay us back our utter ignorance regarding pollution?

… is it, that still nowadays, at the beginning of the 21st century, there are people who can’t accept that peace and quiet can never be achieved by force, humiliation and torture?

… is it so difficult to grasp that ALL of us desire to live a decent life in dignity, with the possibility to provide for the family and give adequate education for the children?

… are certain leaders apparently incapable to comprehend that ANY problem among countries, never mind how serious, needs to be solved at the round-table and NOT the battlefield just like in the Middle Ages and before? Every other option does ONLY increase hatred, despair, pain – and inevitably breed extreme actions!

… is it so hard to accept that ALL people have the same rights … as well as duties?

… is it so complex to understand there is ONE GOD for us ALL – regardless of how you call him and pray to him – who wants us to unite in his name and NOT split up more and more?

Imagine how peaceful our planet, how wonderful our life could be! Why don’t we make it happen? Isn’t any “reason” we stress just some kind of an escape? An excuse? I think ALL of us can do our share – it needs interconnecting, just like the links of a chain! Let’s get started … we wasted already enough time!

The caller and I decided to make this post a co-project with each of us putting down her thoughts to those issues! Please check out her blog and read about her great views!


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