… that the human brain reaches its full size by age 20 and then starts shrinking by about 1% per year. Male brains actually shrink slightly faster than female brains, but before you draw any conclusions it should be noted that there is no evidence that brain size determines ability. Rather, it is how your brain is constructed that matters.

The decrease in brain mass is not due to the death of neurons. In fact, recent research is showing that you can actually make new neurons as you age. The shrinkage is mostly due to changes within the neurons. In particular, the number of branching dendrites and connecting synapses decreases with age. Additionally, age causes the deterioration of the protective covering that surrounds the neurons. This may contribute to decreased mental performance.

Smoking, drinking and high cholesterol are all thought to hasten the shrinkage of the brain, so there’s yet another reason to give up your vices.


… that it is the MAN who determines the sex of a baby and NOT, the way it is widely believed, the woman? The woman is bearer of exclusively X-chromosomes – and the man adds either X or Y! Once a male X-chromosome impregnants the ovulum (egg), a girl will develop, if it is a Y-chromosome, a boy!

I HOPE this information will help women against being blamed to bear “only” girls as it’s in fact the fathers who determine the gender of the “sweet result”!!

This picture shows LEFT the Y-chromosome and RIGHT, the more than double as large X-chromosome!


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