I have a confession to make: I have a terribly bad conscience because lately I didn’t post about Munich anymore. My conscience started bugging me this morning and I decided, I HAD to do something. I wanted to show you something beautiful …
the “National Theater” or the “Opera” and called in order to ask, if I’d get the permission to get inside to take pictures and gather impressions … when the porter there stopped me right at the beginning, telling me nobody was there and the Opera was closed – summer vacation. So .. my nice plan was blown to pieces and I pulled up a plan “B” – I thought you might like to join me on a stroll in Schwabing, the quarter of Munich I grew up in.

During the 60’s and 70’s it used to be a most fascinating quarter for artists who would exhibit their works during the evening and as well early night hours on the sidewalks but today they greatly diminished – I am not sure why! To “go to Schwabing” usually meant a stroll along Leopoldstrasse, up and down, see the artists, chat, meet friends, sit in a gelateria and have a banana-split ice-dream .. and enjoy.

Still nowadays there are countless coffee-shops, beer-houses, ice-cream parlours which all placed their chairs and tables on the sidewalks, or the way we say here in Bavaria – on the trottoir! You can find bookshops, boutiques, musicshops, discos as well as fast food stores and en masse specialty-restaurants from Chinese to you name it. Two small movie theaters are left from the good old time … tiny in size compared to the newer ones.

Interesting and a pleasure for the eye are some classic architectures from the late 19th century. They belonged to the rich and famous, the ones who wanted to be seen – they bear testimony from long gone times. It’s a cozy atmosphere there – one can in a way sense the patina of time!

Oh .. I almost forgot to mention a real attraction – a 15 meter tall so-called “walking man”, produced in 1995 by the American sculpturer Jonathan Borofsky. It belongs to a local insurance company which certainly knew how to attract attention. The smaller kids have fun with him and use his right foot as slide – if you look carefully, you see there is a slight “downhill”!
I’d like to invite you all to join me .. I bet we’d have a LOT of fun!


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