This is a true story. Not only true – it is terrifying. It is about a fellow blogger who’s fighting to stay alive and get reunited with his family. He is as well contributer to our second blog – this is NOT the reason for this post though – he is a human like all of us – and in urgent need of help. He gave me permission to post that.

I had to think of that heartbreaking chat I had with him only yesterday for the whole time, it just doesn’t leave my head anymore.
We frequently write about human feelings, about being compassionate and the need to bridge the gap – well, now we have a chance to do something hand-on. I am talking about “I was there” – this is his link: http://whowasthere.blogspot.com/.

I am well aware there are countless terrible destinies of people in dire need of help but to help them all is certainly beyond our capability – maybe we can do something for him and his family though.
I am occasionally in touch with him, always trying not to let the connection break up. I don’t know his real name … he said it is better this way for his safety.

He had posted the last time on April 29th – he told the story how his daughters barely escaped a kidnapping-attempt from their apartment in Baghdad. During the sleepless night following that day he made the decision to try everything in his power to take them out of Iraq – to safety. A short while later I learned they all had safely arrived in Amman/JORDAN and I thought THANK HEAVEN, they’ve made it. That was back then ….

Yesterday his synonym popped up and I hurriedly responded. What he told me broke my heart. His wife and children are still in Amman at a flat he was able to rent for them – but he had to leave and return to Baghdad for work (originally he’s a trained pilot and aeronautical engineer but, due to the war, turned to journalism and writes for a newspaper). Three days prior, a small group of armed men in a jeep approached him at his office and shot at him some five times while fleeing. He had a guarding angel and escaped shaken up but unharmed. He is in imminent danger of being assassinated. He told me he had to return to Baghdad in order to be able to provide for his family in Amman – he sends them as much money as possible. He wanted so much the family to stay together, but there was no chance. When he left, it was a heartbreaking farewell as they didn’t know if they would ever see one another again. He told me they’re having a real hard time coping … in short, they’re all living a twenty-four hour nightmare! He’s desperate.

I consider bloggers a huge family, many of them caring or looking out for others – I find this most wonderful and the way it should be! I stubbornly believe in miracles and want to think that IF there’s a chance for him to be legally reunited with his family AND have the necessary means to support them, this here is a good place to ask. I directly address this post to my Jordanian blooger-friends (IF there is anyone else to help – by GOD, he/she’s MORE than welcome!) and ask if anyone of you has an idea where he could find work. He most likely needs permissions as well (I’d have to ask though) .. maybe someone has connections (or knows someone who has) to get those as well as for a possibility of employment. He’s a highly educated person and has a lot to offer!
Maybe there’s a chance to care a bit about the family as well … I don’t have an address nor any other details but IF – I’d ask.
If we could all pull together, we could make a dream for them come true.

My dear friend Abufares will excuse me if I use the beautiful sentence he put under the headline of his blog :
“A man walking alone on a deserted beach, brandishing a lantern in his outstretched hand, might be a fool. But, for a ship that went astray on a stormy night, the same man is a savior.”

Together we could be that lantern …


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