After 129 days or pretty much exactly 3090 hours – he/she arrived: the 10.000th visitor!!
If anyone is perplexed, it is I as I NEVER thought, this would happen, let alone in such a brief period of time! I am happy, thrilled, enthused – that is soooo fantastic!!

I want to take this opportunity and thank you ALL for your loyalty, your friendship … and for simply being terrific folks!

I am very grateful for having been given the chance to get to know so many people from all over, from different religions, cultures, customs languages … and for having gotten the opportunity to make my tiny contribution in helping to make this world a better place, to bridge the gap, to heal and to comfort.

Here in cyberspace we don’t need wars. Sometimes debates become heated and even occasionally rude … but they can’t turn violent. There are weirdoes here and there .. but that’s Ok. They have no chance and are swallowed with hook, rod and sinker by the overwhelmingly critical but understanding and sympathetic crowd. This is a place of equality, without oppression or humiliation, no rich and no poor, no difference in colour nor culture .. here everyone is equal. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I like it so much. We support one another and lend a hand in times of need. It seems like an almost perfect world. That’s just the way I would like it!

It is up to us to transfere it from cyberspace to the real world!
Can we do more? I think so, a LOT more! Can it one day become reality? If we would work together and not against one another it could, I don’t see a reason why not!

I am all PRO … !!


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