Here is just the recipe for you to enjoy … not only in winter with sub-zero temperatures when you need something hot to resuscitate yourself – but at any time you feel like! It is filling, healthy and may very well, maybe together with bread, constitute a full (light) meal.


1 chicken (I prefer fresh, not thawed .. they’re simply better) – cleaned

1-2 onions roughly chopped

4-6 cloves of garlic (AT LEAST – trust me on this!)- peeled, diced

3-4 carrots (in slices)

1/2 head of sellery (cubed) OR: 2-3 sellery sticks, chopped

2-4 potatoes (depending on size) – peeled and cubed

optional: 1/2 stick of leek (in rings)

Salt, pepper (or peppercorns) to taste, bayleaf and a dash of paprika are optional.

I like to add one cube of bouillon … it enhances the taste wonderfully.

Use a large pot so that you can cover everything at least some five cm above the chicken! What I like to do is clean the sellery-leaves and simply pack a handfull on top – just to let the aroma get into the soup. Cover the pot but be careful .. there will be some foam once it starts cooking – skim it! Then turn down the fire and let it slightly cook, depending on size, about an hour and a half. Make sure the chicken is tender so that the meat almost falls off the bones. The last ten minutes I like to add a handfull of fresh or frozen pies … they look very appetizing but are NO must!

After cooking, fish out and throw away the sellery-leaves and take the chicken out on a platter. Peel off the skin and throw it away. Take the meat off the bones (that works best if you use your fingers) and add it again to the soup (cubed or in slices), either all the meat or as much as you like.

Adjust the seasoning, cut some chives or green onions in small rings and add, either right to the pot or, the way I prefere, to a soup once the soup is poured!


A chickensoup is no chickensoup without something in addition and here the options are virtually unlimited as everyone can add what he/she likes. I personally like two additions in particular: vermicelli or the short, fine noodles (cookes seperately otherwise they become a sticky mass once the soup is reheated)

OR: pancake-rings!

I prepare some pancakes, usually three or four at most! (Egg, flour, milk, salt – well blended).
I stack the ready pancakes on a plate till they get a little bit cooler so that I can touch them – and tightly roll up one by one. This way I let them cool down. If they are not used right away, they can easily be prepared a day ahead and covered, no problem at all. They can even be deep-frozen and thus ready to use at any time!

Just before the soup is served, I slice them to rings and either top the soup with them or put them alltogether on the table so that everyone can take whatever he/she wants. If they are cold, they should be reheated before (i.e. microwave).

The soup tastes re-heated AS delicious as just cooked so it’s worth to prepare a larger amount. Make sure you prepare the additions seperately – never IN the soup!

This soup is fantastic if someone is about to come down with or already has a flue! It strengthens, warms from inside, kills viruses (garlic!) – and is good for body and soul!!

E-N-J-O-Y !!


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