This late afternoon, while I was sitting here typing a letter, my SKYPE-phone rang (PC to PC) – it was my dear friend Chet from Doniphan, Nebraska. Many of you know Chet from his blog ( as a cheerful person with an incredible sense of humour, strong faith in God and a sound sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. I was very happy to hear his voice but sensed instantly, something didn’t quite sound right. I asked him right away if something had happened and he disclosed to me what is most certainly the worst nightmare a parent or grandparent can go through: Jenny, his grand-daughter, has disappeared.

The way it does look, she ran away from home between 02:00 and 03:00 last night. She must have well planned the exit as her entire room was cleaned out. Clothes were gone, pictures taken off the wall – an empty room left. It was her mother who found out … one can only guess what must have gone through her mind these seconds!

The initial assumption was, Jenny, who feels very close to Chet, her grandfather, had decided to return to him. She has her own head and once she made up her mind, she goes for it. It is a drive of about six hours from her home to Chet and she would certainly have arrived .. but she didn’t. There were footprints spotted right outside her window leading toward a street, probably the escape route. It is unknown who came to pick her up and the big question is if it was all only HER decision or some criminal mind took advantage of the fact she is only 15 years old, without money – and “offered” her a ride. What complicates the story tremendously is that Jenny was secretly in touch with a male person over the internet – till the moment Chet found out (after three days) and blocked any possibility to return to chat.

She is gone right now for approximately twelve hours without having left a trace. Police and FBI were notified but the fact she was registered as run-away, does allow leeway of up to 48 hours till the real search will begin. Jenny’s mom is a dispatcher at the local police-department and as such experienced. She got right away in touch with the closer friends of her daughter as well as the school and teachers – but to no avail. The calls Jenny used to make at Chet’s home will be tracked in order to see who was in contact with her.

Jenny is, as I previously mentioned, fifteen years old, spent her vacation with Chet in Doniphan/Nebraska and was picked up by her mother on the 20.8. for to return home. She went back to school one day later. She lives in Rosebud, South Dakota, at the Indian Reservation, together with her mom, step-dad and two younger brothers, enjoys reading and likes in particular studying about native American history. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs about 200 pounds has long black hair and brown eyes.

Chet and I became very good friends over the last months and it is a matter of course that I will do everything I can possibly think of to support him in this terribly difficult time in order to be able to hang on. He and the whole family do need ALL your prayers desperately!


Any possible help will be greatly appreciated!!


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