I say it is time for another tag! The occurences of the last days made me for the umpth-time aware, how many wonderful people are out there – warm, caring and compassionate folks, very often proving beyond any shadow of a doubt the sterotype-characterisation of the mass media – as well as the statements of one or the other politician – to be as wrong as any possible!

I would like very much to get to know you better, not only (I freely admit) out of my own curiosity but to create a tool to increase the understanding of one another and with that, to utilize the tag as means of helping to bridge the gap!

It is stated over and over again that in essence we are all ONE – humans! What seperates us are mainly cultural aspects, faiths, different philosophies, ideologies (i.e. politics), and values. I personally consider the exterior (skin-colour ect.) non-relevant whatsoever.

Diversity is something POSITIVE and certainly does not need to increase the gap but can be a powerful means to reduce it! Once we start to consciously watch the little (and easily overlooked) aspects of our interpersonal conduct, strive to enhance the GOOD and ultimately find a way to combine it all – the outcome could make a HUGE difference, first local and in the long run as well defying boarders!

I am not willing to accept the BAD to win over the GOOD – that goes way against my philosophy! I stongly believe in the tremendous power of the GOOD – to finally destroy the evil, regardless of location or disguise! It’s all up to us …

Should anyone consider one or the other question as too personal and feel uneasy to answer – please feel free to skip! I will definitely understand!

1) Was there any incident in your life which you feel, influenced you in particular?

2) What are you afraid of? Please name at least ONE example!

3) Is there any nature-event, you particularly like (i.e. thunderstorm, rain, snow ect.)?

4) What kind of sport (if any) are you fond of or even actively pursue?

5) Do you easily get nervous or upset? “Blow up”?

6) Do you dread getting older? Feel the biological clock ticking?

7) Are you more a city-person or prefere the country-side?

8) Do you allow any kind of fashion to rule over your taste?

9) Are you more on the introverted or extroverted side?

10) If you’d have to characterize yourself with one sentence – what would you say?

I’m tagging :

Noor ….. Immigrantincanada ….. Ghalia ….. Fadi K
Chet ….. Abed ….. Abufares ….. Four
Jano ….. Caller ….. Ascribo ….. Eno
Ola ….. Khaled ….. Rami ….. Diana Joy

….. and whoever feels like participating – everyone is MOST WELCOME!!


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