… and answer my tag-questions as well!

So here you go …

1) Was there any incident in your life which you feel, influenced you in particular?

Actually not only one but a whole number of! Of the most significant was of course when my children were born. Most of the incidents are connected with my children …

2) What are you afraid of? Please name at least ONE example!

I am by nature not a very fearful person – I don’t know why .. I guess once someone faced death a bunch of times, that changes the basic attitude to fear. What REALLY makes my adrenalin hit the roof though is if my children are in any kind of danger or iffy situation! That usually does it …

3) Is there any nature-event, you particularly like (i.e. thunderstorm, rain, snow ect.)?

Actually two – I LOVE thunderstorms and STRONG wind! Everytime I hear the roaring sound of a strong thunder and watch the lightenings, I have the feeling it cleanses or purifies the atmosphere. In strong wind I remember myself as child already standing in a way that is fiercly blew in my face and with my arms stretched out, leaning against it … I had the feeling it blew through and through me, cleansed every cell of my body … it has a relaxing effect on me!

4) What kind of sport (if any) are you fond of or even actively pursue?

OH YES!! Actively I am a SCUBA-diver – it is for me one of the most beautiful sports there are! Passively I am a very loyal “Bayern München” soccer-fan (already for decades) and love to watch “NBA” (professional basketball), in particular the “LA Lakers”!

5) Do you easily get nervous or upset? “Blow up”?

Not really! I have quite a bit of temperament but am, on the other hand, a rather calm and patient person in terms of people. There is one particular combination though which causes my synapses to fire backwards, in other words, blow my fuse: arroganz in combination with stupidity! If there is any attitude I can’t possibly stand, it is that one. That I explode, happens once in a blue moon but IF – I advise anyone not to get too close … NOT because there is violence involved – NEVER – but then I blast everyone getting in my way. Usually though I am the most harmless and benign person on earth – honestly!

6) Do you dread getting older? Feel the biological clock ticking?

No, I have a very good attitude toward my age! I mean .. why should I waist one nerve for something I anyway can’t change? I think age is mainly (NOT exclusively!) a matter of mindset – if I think at the age of 30 I’m old – I’m indeed old and if I feel at 60 I’m young – I’m still young! I never knew what a midlife-crisis is .. I plain didn’t have the time for it! What I HOPE for is that my body will remain intact and healthy – that’s my only concern!

7) Are you more a city-person or prefere the country-side?

No city-person AT ALL! Even though I was born and grew up here in Munich – I feel best out in the wild with tent, campfire (I am CRAZY about that!), close friends, watching the stars, counting the falling stars, listening to the wind, watching the sunset and sunrise … and feeling deeply connected with nature itself!

8) Do you allow any kind of fashion to rule over your taste?

HEAVENS NO – NEVER!! I am a blouse/T-shirt/sweater – jeans – sneaker kind of person! In summer I love to run around barefoot or in slippers. Once I dress up, I harvest raised eyebrows and the question “what’s going on with YOU? Are you OK?” as nobody is used to see me this way. To wear something tight, would be the worst punishment for me … it’s either the above mentioned or long, loose dresses, tunika/kaftan style. It MUST be comfortable! Colours … any, except green, rarely if at all black. I LOVE colours!

9) Are you more on the introverted or extroverted side?

I am very much an extrovert … even though I was a shy and timid child (hard to imagine today). I have no problem facing crowds, to meet and interact with people (regardless whom), to voice and stand up for my opinion. I was always kind of a rebel, a fighter. I can be very quiet as well though … sit or walk for hours without saying a word. I need that sometimes – need to catch up with myself, get things into context. I’m a good listener.

10) If you’d have to characterize yourself with one sentence – what would you say?

I love people, love life, make mistakes like everyone but try hard to learn my lessons … I am a human!


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