Every average, non-too-critical consumer of mass media of any kind would agree to the all-over assessment – resulting from the apparent facts – that Islam as such is a religion of violence, disrespectful to women, which promotes the killing of “infidels”, enforces conversions, is unforgiving, cruel – in short “the mother of all nightmares” of a faith which needs to be avoided and feared and who’s followers can’t but be cruel people, murderers and criminals.

Plenty of statement were made to that regard, one of the worst having been uttered by Pastor John Hagee who sees a showdown between Islam and the West. “This is a religious war that Islam cannot and must not win,” he has said.the end of the world as we know it is rapidly approaching” and Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson is a televangelist from the US who called in 2003 the war on Iraq “a rightous cause out of the Bible”, stated that Sharon’s illness was possibly retribution from God for his recent drive to give more land to the Palestinians, insisted that “”Islam is by the gun, by the fire, by the bayonet, at it’s core teaches violence” … and exclamained on March 13, 2006 at “The 700 club” that “Muslims want global domination” and that the outpouring of rage elicited by cartoon drawings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) “just shows the kind of people we’re dealing with. “These people are crazed fanatics, and I want to say it now: I believe it’s motivated by demonic power. It is Satanic and it’s time we recognize what we’re dealing with.” He finished by stating “by the way, Islam is not a religion of peace .”

WOW … what HORRID and TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE statements!! These people seem to enjoy pouring gasoline in the already raging fire!

Would I not know better – I’d definitely ponder if that MIGHT possibly be true and you better believe – would go out of the way of ANYONE who even LOOKS like a Muslim, thus, according to stereotypes, men who wear a beard and have darker than average European complexion. The women would trigger deep scepticism in me as well … after all, they are together with “such kind of men” and inevitably have to have similar thought and ideas.
Considering the fact, “Pat” Robinson is the “spiritual advisor” of George W. Bush, one does not have to be astonished over the prevailing basic attitude of the “most powerful man on earth” who’s known for blindly and uncritically believing those inspirational outpourings he gets presented on a silver platter!

It’s a fact – today’s “politically correct “ form of bigotry is prejudice against Islam. What concerns me as average citizen even more though are the crimes that happen on daily basis on the streets of mainly (but not only) the Middle East … explosions, kidnapping, killings –MANY in the name of Islam, some even with the Qur’an in their pockets! Iraq with it’s radical groups and factional leaders providing ample examples! I do not want to distinguish here among Shiites and Sunnis as the foundation of Islam is the very same!
FACT IS THOUGH – ALL these heinous crimes have NOTHING AT ALL to do with this faith and abuse and dirt it’s name in the worst possible way – but this is UNKNOWN here in the West!!

Considering ALL THIS – how on earth am I supposed to convinced another average, non-too-critical citizen here in the West about that? He will rightfully doubt my words and quote what he/she had read/hear in the media. I have nothing by hand to prove my words – he will certainly NOT go and read the Qur’an – what he wants is to SEE, FEEL – to get PROVE!

It is my opinion that the time for .. well, I want to carefully call it “renaissance” of attitude and conduct of Muslims not only around here – but ultimately worldwide, is ripe! If Muslims want the West to be convinced about their noble motives, to teach about Islam (I did NOT say convince or even force to convert!!), they have to act as example, as living prove of the wonderful and absolutely peaceful message of Islam! People in the West need to experience the change, to feel it … only then they will accept!

Crimes of ANY kind committed in it’s name MUST stop, violence whatsoever in connection with Islam MUST cease! It is in my eyes unacceptable that suicide bombings are committed and everyone in the West feels only reinforced in his/her believe, Muslims are killers of innocent people! I can understand the motive of despair, utter humiliation, burning feeling of revenge – BUT ALL THAT DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT!

The renewed call of a radical cleric in (I believe) Malaysia to cut the heads of all those who utter a word against Islam is only fuel in the fire of those who are against! TRUE – it is totally unacceptable to insult Islam or it’s Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) but by promoting such a horrid action – is THAT in it’s interest? Does THAT improve it’s reputation? Promote trust and understanding? Absolutely not – exactly the opposite … it heats up the fire of hatred even more! The West has got to stop provoking – and the Islamic world to work on getting the REAL message back and out to the people! It seems so simple – it just needs to be DONE!

Islam means CONDUCT! It is judged accordingly! Islam is a religion which does promote PEACE, LOVE and NON-VIOLENCE! Whoever does not believe that, I ask to take a Qur’an and read – or see the help of an Imam!I would like to see a beginning, first small groups of people who return to the REAL message, promoting it BY EXAMPLE, then more and more – I believe this is the ONLY way to teach the West, to convince the broad masses AND to prove hate-mongers like Pastors John Hagee and Pat Robinson together with certain Heads of States how terribly WRONG they are!

I imagine it must be like a wild-fire – this time of love and understanding, of readiness to communicate, to have dialogue – to prove ALL THOSE who spread nothing but hatred – DEAD WRONG and to convince the people!!
I am afraid we don’t have many chances left in order to turn this wagon around and away from the abyss – we should seriously think of changing it, FAST!


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