In sharp contrast to Islam and Ramadan, the “Sphinx”, one of his friends and I went to the Oktoberfest yesterday evening. I have to admit, I refused to go there during the last three years … it was my very private protest against the internationalisation of this in essence so very Bavarian traditional event.

We went first to have Iftar together at a “SUBWAY“, had each a most delicious sandwich which interestingly enough was measured in foot (I had enough with half though!), had something to drink and enjoyed the wonderful (self-baked!!) sweets the “Sphinx’s” friend brought along. From there we took the underground right to the “Wiesn“! Even someone might not know the way, regardeless from which direction – all he/she has to do is follow crowds of hollering men in lether pants and women or girls in “Dirndl“, the traditional dress for women and he/she will definitely not miss the way!

What a sight it was there! Highly engineered gadgets (sure no “normal” merry-go-rounds anymore) all over but indeed here and there, at the very edge of the place, I spotted some small carusels for even the very young visitors still in (or just out of) diapers, slow, snugly and unhurried without submitting to the frenzy of the rest!

The “Sphinx’s” friend went to meet friends at one of the tents and we joined him. What had never happened in earlier years happened now (and I guess probably not the first time) – the tents were closed since the early evening house due to overcrowding! Tall and very determined looking men in either black of blue stood there and had the not-at-all easy job to convince guests who wanted to enter- to ether wait in line – or get lost! Well, we did make it inside though (connections usually do the job!) and found ourselves in the middle of a huge mass of singing (more hollering though), drinking, dancing people who mostly stood on the wooden benches to be able to better see – and be seen.
The “Sphinx’s” friend went to see some friends and what almost had to happen – we lost him!

After having realized that tried in vain to trace him while making every effort to move around, we decided to leave as there was no chance whatsoever to find him again … it was like the famous needle in a hay-stack.
We went out and started to walk, looking around and watching all the hustle and bustle. Besides of a small bag of roasted almonds which for me is already traditional, we didn’t spend any money as the prices are sky-high. I mentioned in an earlier post, the price-tag for a one-liter “Mass” beer is 7,50 Euros!!
Half a barbecued chicken, 5,90 Euros! Just so that you get an idea …

I was a bit astonished – I remember the “Wiesn” more crowded – not only inside the tents but the reason for that may have been the fact, it was a weekday evening. Weekends sure look different there, full to an extent that at times, healthy elbows are necessary to get around!

It is an adventure, I admit, but to save the whole year in order to be able to go crazy during these two weeks is in my eyes out of any proportion and in my eyes insane. I still have to ask the “Sphinx” how he felt … I’m curious what he will tell me!
For me the place lost it’s charm – and I the desire to go there. It is a bit sad … it was always part of the yearly events I was looking forward to. I guess that belongs to what is called dynamics of life .. one goes – and something else comes! I do feel that way – and don’t cry even one tear over it!


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