Over the last number of days I find myself being the victim of rather nasty and even malignant harassment. The two people who seem to have as goal to unnerve me are IBRAHAM AV, STEPHEN KOHN and SHLEMAZL. They were both warned by me in no uncertain terms to stop this despicable conduct otherwise I would take consequences and delete their comments. They decided not to pay attention and continued slandering me and, as reaction, paid the bill.

I tried to block them alltogether but in particular Ibraham Av seems to have a possibility to circumvent any blockage and thus re-appeared on my blog. Comment moderation, which was consequently activated for some 48 hours, did the job eventhough I found twice a “test-comment”, thus knowing he/they are around and just wait for to show up again.

In short, I did not seem to have been successful breaking to these two gentlemen to please leave me alone and get out of my blog – for good! People like them – and I want to make this abundantly clear at this point – are NOT welcome here! Not that it does in particular touch me to be called “Nazi” ect., I find this conduct simply despicable and utterly respectless. I will NOT tolerate hate-mail nor any form of insults aimed at other bloggers – or myself!!

I do NOT agree a blog, ANY BLOG, to be the place to spread of slanders and indecencies. If these individuals lack the character to respect the opinion of fellow bloggers, I can only feel sorry. I wish to state as well in no uncertain terms that I WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED by any of them and WILL CONTINUE to write about the issues I decide to! This is MY blog and I do intent do take full advantage of the so-much battered “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” – if this is accepted by these kind of people or not, I couldn’t care less! I do not hurt anyone nor did, do, or will I EVER spread ANY kind of incitement! If my way of looking at certain issues differs from theirs or others – so be it, it is my right!

To refresh the memory of certain people …

A. Our freedom of speech, protected by the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, is one of our most basic constitutional rights. Yet the precise nature of what is protected by the First Amendment is often misunderstood.

B. The word “speech” in the First Amendment has been extended to a generous sense of “expression” — verbal, non-verbal, visual, symbolic. The artistic work supported by the NEA includes a variety of types of expression enjoying this broad protection.

C. Various exceptions to free speech have been recognized in American law, including obscenity, defamation, breach of the peace, incitement to crime, “fighting words,” and sedition.

D. The work of major philosophers who have considered freedom of expression (e.g., J.S. Mill and Joel Feinberg) is helpful in explaining the rationale for these exceptions.

I am at any time willing and ready – and even glad – to engage in decent discussion (like with Red Tulip who’s opinion remains furthest away from mine – but that’s alright and I do accept it as such) as well as justified and constructive criticism, let there be NO doubt!

I hope this post will once and for all take care of this problem and eliminate the nasty aspect of blogging I am recently confronted with! I enjoy blogging very much and would appreciate, could I go on doing so without having to deal with incidents of that kind any further! If not – rest assured I will not shy away from taking further and more drastic action.


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