Actually I didn’t plan to post right away again but it came to my attention that – having started the last quarter of Ramadan, so-to-say the “final spurt” and with that the holiest period of it – some people start to run out of recipes to satisfactorily quench the growling stomachs of their loved-ones at Iftar-times with and so I thought I take this chance and put down a few for you to try out.

Let’s start with soups! I always like the down-to-earth things so what is more obvious than a POTATO-SOUP! It is delicious and with the in-garlic-butter-fried-croutons which I prepare for to “sprinkle” on top when serving, a real delicacy. I apologize for not having a pictures for that one but think, it is easy to prepare this way or the other!

Ok … here you go: ( for ca. four not TOO hungry people)

4-6 large potatoes
1 onion
1-2 carrots
1 large parsley-root or any other root
1/2 a sellerie-head if available
ca. 40 gr. butter
3/4 l – 1 l broth
Some marjoram dry, “pulverized” between the hands (I ate it as well with parsley – it is AS delicious!)
1/8 l slightly whipped cream


1) Wash, peel and dice the vegetables

2) Fry the veggies in the butter, pour the broth and cook the very soft.

3) Blend it all, season with salt and pepper and marjoram. Fold in half of the whipped cream 8or if you feel like, all at once).

4) If not – pour the soup in plates or cups to serve and top it with a dot of whipped cream.

5) Don’t forget the croutons I mentioned at the beginning: Fry cubed white bread in butter with at least one clove of garlic till slightly brown!



Ca. 1 kg tomatoes
1 large potato
1/4 l sweet cream

Again: croutons fried in garlic-butter


1) Wash and cut tomatoes, grate the peeled potatoe.

2) put both in a pot, add water and cook till soft.

3) In the meantime whip half the cream till stiff, put in refrigerator.

4) Blend the tomato-potatoe mixture , put back in pot and stir in the NON-whipped half of the cream. Adjust seasoning.

5) Prepare croutons like mentioned in above recipe

6) before serving, fold in the whipped cream. Top with either basil-leaves or/and the croutons.



1 chicken, ca. 2 kg, ready to fry
2 kg potatoes, peeled
a WHOLE garic-bulb, seperated in cloves (trust me – it is DELICIOUS!!!)
1 soft lemon, washed
1 handfull of fresh thyme
1 handfull of rosemary

There’s a trick to it:

Cut the potatoes in quarters (or smaller if you wish) and boil them TOGETHER with the lemon and the NON-peeled garlic-cloves, all around 12 minutes.
Afterwards remove it all, put the lemon and garlic-cloves aside … and prepare the chicken.

Salt and pepper the bird well, rub it with olive-oil, carefully poke some TEN HOLES into the lemon, stuff the lemon together with the garlic and the rosemary in the cavity – and put it in the pre-heated oven, ca. 190 degrees, for approximately 45 minutes. Take it out to a plate. Into the chicken-fat in side the pan put the cooked potatoes, cover them well with the fat, add the rosemary (without stems), and place the chicken in the middle, breast-side down, for another ca. 45 minutes. Check if the chicken is done after that time – the potatoes have to be gold-brown!
Take the garlic and the lemon out of the “belly” of the chicken, press the soft content out – and spread it across the chicken. The lemon and rosemary are discarded. TO DIE FOR!!!



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