A short while ago I posted the lyrics of the DESIDERATA, which emphazises in my opinion in a most beautiful and convincing way that “you are a child of the universe and have a right to be here!”
Well, the universe … something GIGANTIC, of mindboggling dimensions – and we, even though we’re a part of it … where do we stand in context? Let’s highlight a few points …

If you pay attention, there are more and more people who consider themselves extremely important. Politicians are certainly belonging to the upper 10,000 of those but this kind of category of people exists in each and every society and at every level, in companies, the military and, sadly enough, as well inside families. People who enjoy to bully around, trouble-makers, machos, want-to-be leaders ect.

If we try to put things in perspective though, we must realize very fast, they are all “NOBODIES“, less than a grain of sand in the vastness of this universe – of which they, like we all, are a part of!
Do you think I am walking a fine line by calling the highest eschelon of this planet “NOBODIES”? No, I am not! All I am doing is making a firm statement in order to pull them all down from their high horses and confront them with some details. It is HIGH time to re-learn to be humble in the face of this universe, that – if you take all people together – they are still less than a grain of sand and yes, NOBODIES in the face of the uncomprehandable! I’ll tell you why … look what we’re up against:

The UNIVERSE! It is a mindboggling 156 billion lightyears in diameter!! One LY (lightyear) measures the distance the light travels in one year … in one second it travels 300.000km (~186.411 miles) so about 9.5 trillion km (~5,9 trillion miles) a year. In this universe are millions and millions of galaxies, in every galaxy billions of stars, in ours alone some 200-400 billion!

And then the many millions of solar systems in every single galaxy … and at the very end of the line ours – and as third planet of it, our beautiful EARTH (“third rock from the sun”) !

Still feeling important? Arrogant? You’re something special? Look at the sky on a clear night and look … and get yourself in context with what’s out there, what you see, which is an absolute minimum .. and what you don’t but does exist … and understand!

Each of us, regardless of nationality, skin-color or faith is equal the the other … there is NO lesser or better – we are all so little, so minute – ALL THE SAME!! In the face of what’s out there … get off your high horse and be humble! There is only ONE who rules down here and out there, and that is certainly NOT an American nor a Russian, the two nations which started the space-race … but GOD/ALLAH ALONE!!

Be humbly aware of that – ALWAYS!


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