Norman Finkelstein, born December 8th, 1953, is a professor of political science and controversial American author. The son of Holocaust survivors (Majdanek and Auschwitz), Finkelstein is known for his writings pertaining to the behaviour of the state of Israel, especially in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and for his view that the Holocaust is being exploited for personal financial gain and pro-Israel political ends.
A graduate of Binghamton University, he received his Ph.D in Political Science from Princeton University (after having written his doctoral thesis on Zionism). Later on he held faculty positions at Brooklyn College, Hunter College, and New York University, and most recently DePaul University, where he has been an assistant professor since 2003.

Norman Finkelstein, who for his writings has been virtually blacklisted, noted in “The Holocaust Industry” that the Jewish Holocaust has allowed Israel to cast itself and “the most successful ethnic group in the United States” as eternal victims. He goes on to argue that this status has enabled Israel, which has “a horrendous human rights record,” to play the victim as it oppresses Palestinians or destroys Lebanon. This victim status has permitted U.S. Jewish organizations (the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress and others) to get their hands on billions of dollars in reparations, much of which never finds its way to the dwindling number of Holocaust survivors. Finkelstein’s mother, who was in the Warsaw ghetto, received $3,500, while the World Jewish Congress walked away with roughly $7 billion in compensation moneys. The organization pays lavish salaries to its employees and uses the funds to fuel its own empire. For many the Nazi Holocaust is not used to understand and deal with the past, and more importantly the universal human capacity for evil, but to manipulate the present. Finkelstein correctly writes that the fictitious notion of unique suffering leads to feelings of unique entitlement.

I suppose these statements by a man who must know the facts do speak for themselves … no further comment required! To me they seem rather disturbing – or should I say … appalling?


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