Adham Khalil’s post from 5.11. 2006 … it sent chills down my spine! I just got off the phone with Adham … he told me, the army is around Jabalia camp where he lives, F-16 and Appachies together with Drones all the time in the air! They expect to be attacked …

Adham – STAY SAFE!! Our prayers are with you, your family and friends – and ALL Palestinian people!!

50 Palestinians were killed …


Thank you International Community ….
Thank you United Nations ….
Thank you U.S.A ….
Thank you Europe….
Thank you Arab world ….
Thank you people all over the world ….

Actually you work hard to make this world more safe , equal , enhance democracy and human rights . . all of you agree unanimously on fighting terrorists and violence , and you have invaded many of countries as Iraq and Afghanistan in excuse to eradicate terrorists and dictators – seeking to spread democracy and safety . But I do not know if you have heard about Palestine which has been occupied by Israelis illegally, a racist occupation killing Palestinians with several weapons including forbidden ones – in cold blood , imposing complete siege on them , dividing their land into big jails, imprisoning more than ten thousand people including children and women.

I am sure that you know well about the Palestinian resistance and struggle mentioned in your propaganda, which is full of lies as the Palestinians are called terrorists and Israelis the victims … who get killed and live in unsafe situation because of those Palestinian terrorists .
Any way, Palestinians will continue their struggle and resistance what ever you call them in order to liberate Palestine with Jerusalem as capital and get their rights …
Finally …. Palestinians will not lose anything , you who will lose . Not much time is left for you to reconsider: stop supporting Israeli terrorism and crimes against humanity!


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