Two and a half days to go … and totally overwhelmed by the chaos around and all the chores still to do! Am I looking foreward? Yes, I am! On the other side I have a REAL tough time saying “good bye” – it is hard, SO hard, especially as I don’t know how long it’ll take till I will see them again. MOST difficult – my wonderful mother … but there is nothing I can do. It feels as if there is a whole quarry in my stomach and on my chest …

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon in the mosque and bitting good bye to my brothers and sisters and it was so difficult, painful! I felt so much love radiating from them, so much warmth and honesty and spent unforgettable hours there during the last few months … I will miss them ALL – dearly!!

What’s ahead now is the packing, sorting … and leaving! I’m looking ahead, NOT backwards, I’m an optimist by nature! New challenges are awaiting me – and fantastic friends! I can’t complain – I am fortunate and truly blessed!

Next post I’ll write from the other side of the globe … GOD BLESS YOU ALL!


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