It’s high time to continue blogging and to tell you about the last days – which made my life turn in kind of a steep angle! In a way I am not quite 100% myself yet as the jetlag still has me rather firmly in it’s grip but I’ll be getting there. The embarassing thing is that I drop off and wake up at the most impossible times but then again … a few more days and I’ll be back to “normal”. Let me just briefly tell you how everything went …

On Tuesday in the very morning my sister took me to the airport and after a big hug and a most wonderful surprise she sprang on me, I left, took my luggage from the service area (there is NO late-nightcheck-in for continuing flights to the USA anymore) and went to check in. The flight to Frankfurt took only 35 minutes (instead of the announced hour and five minutes so I assume there was a strong breeze from the rear … ha-ha) and before we really realized we were in the air, we were down on the ground again.

Frankfurt Airport is HUGE and it took a couple of minutes to figure out where to go and what to do but everything went ok and the hour fifty minute stop-over went by very fast. The controls were more thorough than last time I flew but to be honest, not as strict as I had expected … at least not there. My luggage was transfered automatically and so I had no problem whatsoever.

The continuing flight was to Chicago with US-Airlines and took whopping eight hours fourty-five minutes! After having tried to doze off for at least a while (in which I am usually a hopeless case ) and carefully change position from the right side to the left about a zillion times, we finally made it to O’Hare Airport. There it became instantly clear to me that things had changed as the check-ups were thorough but, to remain honest, very polite. I was fingerprinted as a routine-check, asked a few questions, my passport and status were checked and had to pick up my luggage in order to put it through the customs – only to put it right away back on the band a few yards further away for renewed boarding for the flight to Los Angeles.

The last stretch was as well ok – a four hour flight into the night. In fact I have no idea and didn’t even care a lot because what happened was that I sank into a merciful slumber after barely having slept for almost fourty-eight hours before that. The four hours went by fast, with only two times of briefly waking up and trying to figure out how far we were along and how much time we had left … and toward the end I had just enough time to freshen up. At 19:25 we landed … and some 30 minutes after that I had my luggage and Robin (who’s an absolutely wonderful friend!), who came to pick me up, and I were able to fall in each others arms for the first time.

The rest of the evening we spent talking and getting to personally know each other … till my eyes started to play tricks on me again and I just had to have some sleep.

That’s in short the way the trip was like … and now I will take it from here!
Apart from having to find a job, apartment ect. – we already have some ideas of what to do together. You may want to check my next post …


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