It is incredible how time is flying – it is already one whole week that I am here in California! It seems it was just three days ago that the plane landed at LAX and Robin picked me up …

New impressions are constantly bombarding me wherever I go and I am, in return, eagerly absorbing them, always happy and anxious to see and learn. Often it is the simple thing, the most natural, or the one taken for granted by everyone else but me around here … I want to share a few with you!

The weather … it is impossible not to mention the weather as first and most striking impression! Each time I feel the warming sun and see the impeccably blue sky, I can’t but be grateful and think of the damp cold, fog, drizzle (or is it already snow?) and cold wind in Munich which literally went into one’s bones … sorry guys back there, I just HAD to mention that!! In December to be able to walk around barefoot in slippers and with short sleeves is truly a gift … even though in the evening a jacket or more comes VERY handy as the temperatures drop to about five degrees (plus) Centigrade!!

The ocean … what can I say! I LOVE IT … I am crazy about it! To deeply inhale the salty air, feel the light breeze, the fine sand on the beach, to watch the small waves break on the beach and see the seagulls perform their daring maneuvers in the air only to swoop down and dive to catch their food is something unforgettable!

The traffic … well, the daily bumper-to-bumper traffic jams during rush hours, it seems to be flowing better that back home. I wonder why Europe has not adopted in particular ONE specific traffic-rule from here … the right-turn at red light after a brief stop! Would one perform that back home, major trouble would await him/her though I perceive it as great improvement and very helpful in keeping a traffic in motion. At the beginning it almost seems as if one does something forbidden – it is simply a weird feeling but very easy to get used to!

The people … what does strike me in particular (not the first time I want to stress) is the friendliness, professionality and politeness which seems to be everywhere and undoubtadly makes everything more pleasant! I wonder if the warm climate does contribute to that … it sure does make one feel good!

This evening (it is after 23:00 now) I heard a strange, houling sound – hyenas! These animals seem to be at home in the St. Gabriel mountains or hills around and as the distance is not too big, they can be heard till here! It was eery, kind of exotic for a European ear … yet fascinating!

Last not least a BIG THANK YOU to my dear friend Robin for all she is doing to make me feel comfortable, for all her invaluable help!! BIG BIG HUG twinsie … you’re the VERY BEST!!


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