I found some interesting facts I want to share with you …
I was playing with Google Earth (founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin) and found some interesting facts I want to share with you! Pulling up Israel/Palestine produced some interesting “facts” …

In case you don’t have the program installed – go for it, it is as exciting as it is eery how, within literally seconds, you can fly across the entire globe and are able to zoom in even to the single house and street!

Well, I Started to look up places and typed in “Bethlehem Palestine” … and found nothing. Then I tried “Bethlehem Occupied Territories” … and found again – nothing! Naturally I was baffled … and tried “Bethlehem Israel” .. and guess what happened? It came up witout any delay, nice and clear!

I started to get curious and tried Nablus … it comes up under “Nablus Palestine“, NOT “Occupied Territories” as I had expected – but “Palestine“! I guess whoever programmed Google earth, was slightly ahead of his time!!

Fully alert now I continued and typed in “Ramallah” … and was in for a HUGE surprise! It is widely known, Ramallah is in the “Occupied Territories” north of Jerusalem .. but guess under what it came up? “ISRAEL“!! Ramallah ISRAEL??? What was the guy thinking?
That was too weird … so I went on and tried Jenin … which, initially, didn’t show up at all till I figured out it runs under “Janin” … and comes up under “Janin Palestine“! Same with Hebron … “Hebron Palestine“!!

The surprise was complete when I went south to the Gaza Strip! It does NOT, as everyone would expect, come up under either Occupied Territory (even OFFICIALLY is is not occupied anymore) or palestine … oh no – it comes up, nicely and clearly, under “Gaza Strip ISRAEL“!!

Rafiah/Rafah seperately doesn’t cvome up at all … but interestingly enough “Rafah ISRAEL” … which appeard to me to be located already on Egyptian territory! I may be wrong with that … but if you check it out – let me know what you think!

I tried Jericho … under “Israel“, “Occupied Territory” and “Palestine” … it doesn’t come up at all! Very strange …

All in all, my “Google Earth” trip produced most surprising results and made me wonder if the specific classifications were coordinated with the politicians of the countries … I have my doubts!


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