… I have downloaded the software for my digital camera and can show you pictures! First though I want to mention our first attempt to get to the Department of “Immigration and Naturalisation” here in Los Angeles for re-activation of my Green Card! Nobody had told us we needed an appointment as it doesn’t work anymore the way it did years ago that one just got there .. and waited in line! It is “Appointments ONLY” .. which has the distinct advantage of not having any waiting time anymore. Needless to say we did what we had to do … and made the appointment for December 28th, morning hours.

After having failed to proceed with this task, we decided to have some good time .. and went for some sightseeing! Robin is a fantastic guide and showed me the MOST impressive sights in the area, first and foremost the new “WALT DISNEY” Concert Hall.

The one having designed this initially controversial thus incredibly striking and fascinating building was architect Frank Gehry … the bill to pay for this jewel was a whopping $100 million. We had a delicious lunch at the cafeteria and went on to see the roof-top garden .. and the “ROSE”, one of the most beautiful and delecately shaped fountains I have ever seen!

After a short info-tour in the gift shop, we continued to famous “CHINA TOWN” which started to come to life between 1852 and 1890 when the district community florished and some 3000 Chinese use to live there. Many of the older buildings built in the 1930s and 1940s in the northeast corner of New Chinatown were previously abandoned.

Once you set foot inside, you can not but feel another world and even though it is all unmistakably made for tourists, it does have it’s unique charm and finding a rare item as a gift is not impossible. The prices are, unlike expected, VERY reasonable!! Here are some more images I took this afternoon:

I guess I do not have to mention seperately it was a LOVELY day, the weather was GORGEOUS … and Robin and I had a LOT of fun!


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