I got tagged … by Dubai Jazz!!

Thanks so much dear friend for tagging me with these rather sophisticated questions (which I do like a lot) requiring some serious thinking and considering … I hope my responses will be to your satisfaction!

Here you go …

1- Are you a principled person? Or are you pragmatic?

Well, actually I am both … always depending on what the issue is! I try to be more specific … I have strong principles concerning values for example, moral as well as ethical ones and am not willing to compromise on them! They are firm .. would I compromise, I’d most likely lose my self respect.
Am I pragmatic? Yes I am as well – in a sense that I tend very much to be guided by my own observation! I find myself in the lucky position to be able to look back (my God – that sounds as if I am already a hundred years old!!) to quite a wide range of experience made over the last thirty-plus years and that does provide me with the necessary security the moment it come to make a judgement!

2- Do you believe in people or in ideas?

Same thing here … in both, sometimes intertwined even, tendency to ideas though! To give you an example … I just recently told one of my sons I do believe in him with whatever he plans … meaning I back him 100%, know he makes a right decision, firmly stand by his side!
Intertwined … well who comes to my mind is for example Gandhi, Mother Teresa! I do believe in them as person, meaning I do highly respect them as people and what they stand for – AND in their (basic) ideas and philosophies alike!
Contrary to that, it does happen as well that I do like and appreciate certain ideas without having a high opinion of the folks who created them!

3- How good are you in separating what is business from what is personal?

GOOD! I learned (the hard way I suppose) to draw a line and turn a switch in my head! In my profession as RN it equals disaster NOT to do so and to take work-related problems back home … a rocksolid recipe to snap within a rather short period of time!!

4- Do you have role models? How good are you in following their trajectory?

No, I don’t. I USED to have though in earlier years… possibly out of the common lack of self confidence and self esteem at young age! HAD I a role model nowadays … even then I don’t think I’d be good following his/her trajectory … I am much too much of an individualist for copying someone or attempting to “be like him/her”!

5- A British saying goes: “Manners maketh (a) man”, what else do you think makes a man ‘a Man’?

I love that one! William of Wykenham certainly had his reasons when he created this expression in the 14th century! I do agree though … a man without manners would be (for ME at least) an instant and total turn-off! What else makes “a man”? Well, I like to see (the higher the better) intelligence, determination, goal-orientation, ambition to a certain extent (NOT pathological in terms of not having time for anything else anymore NOR ruthless of course), but as well compassion, emotions, courage, values! Even though with all that … without humour, ability to have a GOOD time and a passion to laugh a man would be an absolute no-no for me!

6- Do you believe in taking risk? Do you follow your guts feeling? Has it ever failed you?

Yes, absolutey do I believe in taking risks!! I am talking about CALCULABLE ones though … most of the time at least! Many times in my life I was faced with a situation which required just that .. and went for it. There were uncalculable as well, quite a few even … and only my gut feeling told me that I’d be alright. It worked, every single time …
I do highly count on my gut-feeling … it rarely let me down or made me misjudge something/someone entirely! I made mistakes as well of course .. but in limited numbers.

7- Have you ever been through a ‘paradigm shift’? If not, do you believe that such process exists?

Oh yes … not only do I believe it exists – I went through it as well! It often depends on a learning process, on widening one’s horizon, on experience, for example in my case, on understanding that a prior believe was totally wrong and I changed it accordingly!

8- Do you believe in unilateral love? Have you ever been through such experience?

NO! It is the most hurting, frustrating and even shattering experience a person can go through! Who was never head over heels in love with someone who sometimes didn’t even know about it (as teenager for example)? Sure I was no exception … I distinctly remember one particular guy who was the dream of all the girls in high-school, and that over years without break … each one was dying to get his attention and would have probably fainted, had he talked to her! Alone that shows how drastically I changed … today I would never run with the crowd but check upfront what everyone’s heading for … and most likely turn the other way!

9- How good is your assimilation within your social sphere?

I don’t like to judge myself but would carefully rate it as pretty good. I can well “play the game” even though the company might not at ALL have my wave-length and the topics of interest not at ALL be to my liking! In case it does start to seriously fall on my nerves, I’d either get very quiet – or leave. I’d never embarass anyone … and can’t STAND people who chose to do so!

10- Can you name some of your new year’s resolutions?

Like probably 99% of all western women .. to lose some weight and physically shape up (via the help of a gym) as “#2” on the priority-list – and as “#1“, to settle down, get the papers I need, get my Green Card renewed and start working thus get my life back in order!
What is AS HIGH on my list is to continue doing my share for peace, fight against injustice and for equality and human rights!


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