BYE BYE 2006 … and WELCOME 2007!!

The final countdown is on and “2006” is almost in the drawer – together with the countless previous. It is an old habit of mine to take time on this last day of the year to reflect, to look back to what had happened during the last year, how things had developed, what was “good” or not necessarily a “deed of glory”, what I could have done better – and what I strongly intend to improve.

For me on a personal basis it was a difficult and sometimes even very painful year and I am only too happy to let it go, delighted to be able to wave it good bye!
Do I have New Year resolutions? You bet I do even though this question makes me chuckle as I usually – like probably most people – only to drop or intentionally forget them one by one, finding for each an elegant excuse why it is all of a sudden not THAT important anymore. It is anyway a strange story with this sudden surge of sometimes weird intentions only because a year is about to pass and a new one imminent. I am not sure but assume it is in the nature of man to do so, being tempted to draw a psychological line … and hope for something better to come!

As difficult as 2006 was – I am grateful as it taught me a LOT, provided me with new impressions, gave me hard but obviously necessary lectures and new, wonderful friends, (REAL ones as well as MANY aquaintances) – and got me started on blogging which I highly cherish since the first day! I am looking foreward in optimism, not backward nor holding grudge against anyone and I thank God for this ability.

I do have some specific wishes for 2007 though … wishes I am determined to put a lot of energy in to make them happen or, for some goals which greatly surpass my capability of achieving, to do my part and help to make it come true.

I wish for PEACE, first and foremost of all! I pray more and more people will learn to step back in a quiet moment and look at the whole picture … understand that this planet is our ONLY home, our ONLY refuge with NOWHERE else to go! Why do we destroy it then?
That we are ALL of ONE AND THE SAME SPECIES … “homo sapiens” which literally means “wise man”. WISDOM though is what I greatly miss as ALL laders of this planet .. I want to emphazise “ALL” leaders, are guided by selfishness and own ideas! While mentally flipping through the names I did not find ONE which would cause me to reconsider this statement regardless of location, gender, nationality or religion! I would like to find ONE who REALLY acts as what he was elected for … as SERVANT of his/her people respecting THEIR wishes … and not acting according to own interests!

I wish for FREEDOM for the oppressed! Too many dictators are still out there, too many oppressors heads of governments, too may people gravely suffering from their iron fist! It is the God-given right of EVERYONE to be FREE – to have freedom of expression and movement … NOBODY has the right to take that away – NOBODY!!

I wish for MORE COMPASSION among people, to help according to each ones capacity where help is needed regardless of “where” and “who”! That colour, nationality and religion do NOT seperate – but unite because DIVERSITY is what makes the human race so wonderful! I despise EACH kind of supremacy-thinking – we are ALL the same, have the SAME forefathers … a Christian is NOT better that a Jew and a Jew NOT better than a Muslim – nor is a Christian, Buddhist or Hindu! There is only ONE GOD … no religion “owns” him! Many conflicts have a strong religious “flavor” and divide groups whereas religion per se, refers to something which should bind people and bring societies together!

I wish people would stop to blindly condem Islam and harbour suspicion against Muslims in general while in principle not understanding what this religion is all about … just ignorantly copying what the mass-media tirelessly preaches! I do well understand stereotype answers like “and who is responsible for 9/11? London? Madrid?” It is correct, sadly enough they were Muslims … despicable criminals who belong punished by the full weight of the law – but please do NOT judge an entire religion after some criminal elements who have nothing better to do but deeply shame it’s name and every TRUE Muslim on this planet! Christians aren’t judged after the Crusades … so please don’t judge Muslims after those extremists! Do yourself a favour and read, learn – and ask questions to those who KNOW! Islam is a PEACE-LOVING religion … everything else is an interpretation of some senseless and totally irresponsible and unacceptable hate-mongers and criminal weirdos! Had I even sensed for ONE minute even the slightest tendency to violence, I would never have made the decision to convert … rest perfectly assured of that!

I need to keep that a bit shorter as I actually want – I could go on and on … but want to mention a person who just recently highly impressed me with his courage, his honesty, straight forwardness and strict determination to speak the truth – Mohammad Omer, a 22-year old journalist from Gaza and the winner of New America Media’s Youth Voice award. He has whirlwind-toured the U.S while being sponsored by “Washington Report“, introduced his people, eloquently and convincingly talked about the current situation while accentuating the lectures with most impressive and as well shocking movie-clips filmed by himself, pictures which under normal circumstances would – due to censorship – most likely NOT have made their way out.
Mohammad .. GREAT JOB!! You’re a wonderful representative of your people … HANG IN THERE and keep up the good work!!

Last not least the people, REAL friends, who helped me during the last few months, who constantly encouraged me to plow along … I am sure they do well know – while reading – who I refer to! I couldn’t have done it witout you guys … I owe you BIG TIME!! You’re FANTASTIC!!!

My very special thanks to Robin, who hosts me here in California since a good month and who became a most wonderful and trusted friend … thanks a millon dear! There will be a day on which I will be in a position to return all the “GOOD” you did and still do to me … may our creator bless you – always!



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