It is 22:30 in the evening and I pretty much have had it! I am talking about a report I just watched about new weapon-systems (“Future Weapons”) having been developed by – well, in this case by chance the United States which is probably not too relevant as, I suppose, every country involved in any of the current conflicts, does just that! There was talk about “kinetic energy missiles” which are actual surface to air missiles launched exclusively for deterrence against an incomming missile, about neutralizing car-bombs which, no doubt whatsoever, pose the greatest danger at present to allied troups in Iraq, about a “granate-launcher” THAT powerful that it’s called a “6-pack … something”, the “M-32”, the “hunter”, a survaillance-camera of the future ect. ect.!!

I do perfectly well understand the necessity for developing weapons which are always better than the ones of the “enemy” .. in other words to be sure to be one step at least ahead with the certain objective to save lives. I have a few more words to say about that though …

I want ask a different question at this point … one which might sound naive in the light of the global craziness eveloping and getting worse and downward-spiraling by the hour toward abyss and the next big bang, be it Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia … you name it – I will ask it nevertheless! Is that REALLY what we ought to do? Is THAT what we are aiming for? Is THAT a world we want to leave for our children and grandchildren?? Would the powerful of this world – I am talking about ALL of them as ALL of them do live on this planet and carry tremendous responsibility for their people and their country would devote only a TENTH of the time and money they spend to develop new and more and more lethal weapons, for to search for ways to make PEACE – I stress this world would already NOW be a MUCH better place!

Our WORST enemies are NOT people even though many will disagree with me on that! We need new weapons probably like a hole in our heads, like a return of the bubonic plague … in other words NOT AT ALL – but we urgently need to find a recipe against FAMINE, DROUGHT, AIDS, GLOBAL WARMING, AIR POLLUTION, LACK OF EDUCATION AND HEALTH-CARE ect. … PREJUDICE, HOMELESSNESS – AND POVERTY! How about focussing more on THAT? Human behaviour has very obviously not caught up with our technical abilities and as WE are the problem – WE must be the solution as well!

At a time in which I can not invite friends for a cup of coffee only because they carry the wrong citizenship and are condemmed to immobility by check-points and walls and exposed to humiliation by 18-year old soldiers who – for the first time in their life – feel how it is to have “power” over another human being, at times in which a person who leaves the house for an errand and doesn’t know if the next parked car is not booby-trapped and blowing up or a sniper pulls the trigger too fast, I think the world has other priorities than putting all available resources into developing weapons for more and more destruction!

Find ways for PEACE, for cures of diseases, find a solution of the planetary emergency we are in, the most serious crisis the earth has ever seen – lets fight for THAT with all the vengeace and determination possible!


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