… you are a religious and observing Muslim and want to observe the Friday-prayer at the mosque – but are prevented by heavily armed soldiers and police to do so because – you’re not 50 years old yet!

Last week it was forbidden for Palestinian men under 45 years of age to enter the compound of El-Aqsa Mosque, today of 50 … and it was already under consideration to up the number to 65!

What’s next in line? Only those with canes and wheel-chairs ? Doesn’t anyone recognize how ludicrous this order is ? Needless to say it will only aggravate the situation and pour gasoline in the already towering flames!

The official reason for those absurd restrictions are the clashes which erupted between Palestinians and Israeli police over continued excavations at Mughrabi Gate at Friday prayers on the Al Aqsa Compound. Imagine for a minute it is YOUR mosque, church or synagogue which is endangered of being harmed or even caving in … what would YOU do? Would YOU sit still and watch silently and with folded arms? I sure do have my doubts …

I am ABSOLUTELY and CATEGORICALLY against violence in ANY form but can understand the uproar of emotions as al-Aqsa is not ANY mosque which happens to be situated on the Temple Mount, it is THE THIRD HOLIEST SHRINE IN ISLAM … and that fact transfers the whole situation into a completely different dimension as it is not “only” Al Aqsa Mosque per-se which is threatened .. but the sanctity of Islamic places of worship in general!

How about stopping indiscriminate digging despite protests from Muslims all over the world, find together with WAQF a solution which is acceptable for BOTH parties … and start showing consideration and respect for Islamic places of worship just as much as for the own?
The solution is at hand …

Here is an article I found in Aljazeerah.com
by Mohammed Mar’i dated today,
2/17/2007 7:00:00 AM GMT with the headline …



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