JANE’S: "In search of the perfect missile: datalinks, helmets, enhancements"

I have to apologize right upfront for posting this – who knows me is aware that I am NOT AT ALL into new military developments but the article I found today at “JANE‘s” does upset me a great deal.
The ultimate goal seems to be – according to this article – to find the “perfect missile” as if there are no more urgent problems on this planet to be solved!

BILLIONS of dollars are invested to invent the optimal killing machine at a time in which famine on this planet is getting worse, deserts are expanding, the Rain Forest is destroyed even before new species of plants and animals can be detected, water resources are dwindling, wars are raging as well as new ones about to be started, whole populations are cruelly oppressed for decades with no end in sight, homelessness at a level as never before, AIDS is killing hundreds and thousands of people … and hopelessness is on the rise! To stand up against immorality and injustice is punished … and the thought “WHAT FOR??” becomes more pressing and demanding answers than ever.

It is beyond me how it can be preceived more important to develope more and more tools for torture and destruction insted of putting ALL energy behind finding a way to find ways make PEACE on this planet … that this won’t work through military might every child at elementary school level knows in the meantime. This “wisdom” does not seem to have made it’s way into the heads of the “upper 10,000” though.

It does not need the brain of a rocket scientist to figure out that PEACE is more desirable that war but I guess I am missing one main point here, the so-called “Achilles tendon” – with PEACE there is MUCH LESS money to be made that with war!!

SHAME on all politicians worldwide who constantly lull whole populations into believing they are working frantically towards defusing tensions, avoiding wars and at the same time develope ever new and more and more vicious weapons in secrecy and behind the backs of the people! Those tax-billions would be FAR better used for education, health care, multiple researches and developing new drugs for AIDS ect. as well as for MANY pressing issues concerning PEOPLE.

In search of the perfect missile: datalinks, helmets, enhancements

By Bill Sweetman IDR Aerospace & Technology Editor

The last-but-one big new thing in air-to-air missile (AAM) development was the advent of missiles that actually worked. The AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range AAM (AMRAAM) and the AIM-9L variant of the Sidewinder performed as advertised, eliminating the gun kill from fighter-versus-fighter combat. The next key development was the shock of the Vympel R-73 (AA-11 ‘Archer’), which despite relatively simple basic technology proved to be a dominant weapon in air-to-air combat.

Now, a further new generation of higher-performance weapons are entering service or in development. They feature more modern sensors and electronics – processing and memory have moved a long way since in-service weapons were designed – and are designed specifically to work with new technology on the launch platform, including stealth, active electronically scanned array (AESA) radars, infrared search-and-track (IRST) sensors and helmet-mounted display (HMD) systems. Some – including the MBDA Meteor and Raytheon AIM-120D – are designed to reopen the long-range envelope, neglected since the Pentagon’s 1992 decision to terminate the US Navy’s (USN’s) Advanced AAM programme.

Conflicting priorities

However, customers are setting very different priorities in terms of the big-budget investments – which include not only developing the missiles and acquiring them but the very large investments involved in integrating them on new platforms and introducing them into service. This reflects a fundamental divergence of opinion about the future of air combat.

The most dramatic example of such differences is the US development of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). JSF is similar to its near-contemporaries and competitors (ranging from Typhoon and the Super Hornet to the MiG-35) in that it carries a multi-spectral sensor suite including radar, passive electronic and electro-optical sensors. It features all-aspect, relatively wideband stealth that its competitors do not. However, in order to achieve stealth without the very large size and cost of the F-22, its AAM load-out has been sacrificed. The JSF can carry only two AAMs in stealth mode.

Will that be enough? The experience to answer that question is not there.


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