Original report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc

On going extraterrestrial activity is taking place in ISRAEL since 1995. Alien medical teams from other realms or dimensions cure humans at Healers-Mediums alternative medicine clinics. Patients feel strange sensations during the treatments (itching, heat or cold, increase or decrease in gravity sensations and many more) and some even see and communicate with the Aliens medical teams. The number of clinics has increased steadily and presently ( 2003 ) there are 50 clinics in ISRAEL and 464 in the USA, (according to the Aliens). Alien alternative medicine clinics also exist in other countries ( England, Denmark, Australia ). ET medical activity helps to raise public awareness and increase acceptance of Alien existence.

Organized ET medical collaboration with Healers and Mediums is a leap forward in Alien-Human contact and collaboration beyond just UFO sighting, random contacts, encounters, abductions, or crash events as happened in Roswell. The Aliens treat humans in alternative medicine clinics only after the patients give their full consent. No abductions take place. In addition to the Alien medical activity, they willingly collaborate and answer questions on different issues including: information about Aliens and their activity on Earth, general science, astrophysics, and even Earth actuality events.

For the short video (eye-witness reports!) as well as telephone numbers (in case you desire to be cured by aliens) and e-mail address, please click HERE!!


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