No toys,
no breaks, no justice —

For a mother and her child

A women in a cage.

Denied the
she needs

to be a mother to

Her son, whose
crime was
being the fruit
of a Palestinian womb.

No toys, no breaks, no justice —
For a mother and her child.

Composed by fellow blogger Nuh Ibn Zbigniew Gondek

Yearning His Mother’s Cell, Youngest Released Prisoner

The way to home, never seen before, does not bring a sense of joy to the child Noor, after having been separated from his mother Manal Ghanam who is still being jailed in Al Ramleh jail.

On 12 May, the Israeli Supreme Court decided to take two-year and a half child apart of his mother, Manal, 30, who gave him birth while in detention .

Noor will not see his mother any more until Mach 2007 . (*it is unknown to me if Manal has in the meantime been released)

The broken- hearted mother, Mrs. Ghanam did its best to lull the panics of taking the child apart of her. She took the advantage of the special visit by her husband and sons, in which Noor started to play with his sister Niveen and be familiar with their faces, and left the scene in a hurry escorted by a lot of female warders.

Father Naji Ghnam said “he did close neither to me nor his brothers, just few minutes after he felt the absence of his mother and he is alone with us, he started to cry ghastly; “where is Manal?”

Noor was born inside Al Ramleh prison , only the world of women around him, his mother , women detainees, warders and his mate in jail the child Ashaa Al Hodli, the daughter of the prisoner Etaf Elyia. No men at all or any strange faces.

Along 30 months, the father Naji Ghanam has not seen Noor but twice; the first one when Noor was seven months and the second one was on last Friday 12/5/2006. Things are no less bad for Noor’s son as the Prison administration did not allow them to visit their mother and brother but one time a year ago.

Mr. Ghanam described the freedom day of Noor as the most intricate in the family life as the mother still remain behind the bars and the sons Ehab , Majed and Niveen were in a very bad psychological condition after the brief visit of their mom and Noor keeping sobs along the way.

The child, not knowing any body outside the prison compound, was totally shocked and traumatized when residents of Tulkarem refugee camp flocked to receive the youngest released prisoner, Noor had suffered traumatic stress and vomited, he has been admitted to hospital.

Psychiatrist Mahmoud Shweel was concerned about the child Ghanam, saying ” the cell for Noor is normal and he is yet to deal with the outside the bar since his birth, now he is currently living the melancholy of missing dearly mom.”

Dr. Shweel , who run rehabilitation center for torture victim in Rammallah said ” the child know well his mother exists and this is more harmful , long time may took to be used to her absence, all depends on the atmosphere around him.”

He added “this incident will affect Noor’s psycho growth and it is possible when he grows up, incline to violent behaviors.”

“With time, Noor will be used to new situation but like his brothers, he does not perceive happenings in their world and will never forgive the occupation,” Shweel indicated.

Ostensibly, the prison administration knows the extent of void and resentment left after Noor amongst his mother and her comrades in the jail, so it moved Manal to Talmund prison, away from her buddies as confirmed by the president of Mandela institute for human right Advocate Buthyna Duqmaq.

Duqmaq said” they did not allow me and my colleague Nzeeh Abu Al Teen to see Mrs. Gahnam.”
Duqmaq was told by some women in jail with Ghanam, who could see her before being transferred t Talmoud that she was psychologically distressed and bad morale after she was separated from her child.

Ghamam’s family likes thousands of the Palestinian prisoners’ family inside the jail “families on parole” and Manal along together with 22 mother prisoners are still being jailed inside Israeli prisons, waiting the day to hold in arms their children.


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