CPR .. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

While reading the headlines and trying to decide what to post, an article in Yahoo caught my attention. It says “CPR may be more effective without mouth-to-mouth“.

It can happen to each of us, any time, at any place on this planet … during a walk, at work or even at home – that someone collapses and stops to breath. I know very well it usually scares the wits out of everyone around and many times bystanders are not only very insecure of what to do and about to freak out but as well afraid that “IF I do what I think is right – what happens if I don’t do everything correctly?”

I faced this situation one time in the late 70’s at Central Station in Munich when I had to resuscitate an old man who, as I heard later, suffered an extensive heart-attack. He survived my resuscitation but died two or three days later due to the extensive damage on his heart.

Before I became a CPR-instructor and at the beginning of my nursing career I felt the same way and can thus understand these fears very well. Relax – it is really simple and whatever you do is BETTER than not doing anything!

I decided to post a few clips to show how to go about … and if you have questions – feel free to ask!




Take this QUIZ and test yourself!! It’s not difficult …


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